Trump NFTs Exceed $9M in 90-Day Sales Volume After Series Two Launch

Like him or not – his NFTs are selling.
Image source: Politico

Quick take:

  • Trump has been mocked for his involvement in NFTs since launching the first Trump Digital Trading Cards series.
  • However, traders seem to have a different opinion with the two series of NFTs generating $9.1 million in sales on OpenSea.
  • The Series Two drop boosted Trump Digital Trading Cards sales over the past seven days accounting for a third of the total Polygon NFTs sales on OpenSea.

Donald Trump has been ridiculed since launching the first series of the Trump Digital Trading Cards in December last year. His NFTs have been labelled a failed project. However, according to on-chain data which looks into blockchain transactions and is open to the public to verify, Trump’s NFT collection seems to have done quite well, especially in the past 90 days, with the second series of the collection also making an impact.

In the past seven days, the second series of the Trump Digital Trading Cards collection accounted for about a third of the total Polygon NFTs sales volume on OpenSea, with $2.23 million against $6.35 million. 

The two series have now amassed a transaction volume of $9.1 million in the past 90 days, with Series 1 counting for $7 million and Series 2 with $2.1 million.

Are Trump NFTs a failure?

Although the floor price of Digital Trading Cards has plummeted to about $242 down from about $792 on April 15 according to CoinGecko, it is still more than double the auction price of $99 apiece.

Trump NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain. In the past few days, the Ethereum scaling protocol witnessed a significant rise in NFTs sales according to a Dune Analytics dashboard prepared by Sealaunch.

Trump made more from NFTs than his Truth Social media company

In financial documents released last Friday, Trump said he made between $100,001 to $1 million in income from his first series of digital trading cards released in December 2022. Interestingly, the documents also showed that he made less than $201 from his Truth Social media company, which he said is worth between $5 million and $25 million.

And although it is unclear how much he made from the second series, The former POTUS last week said via his social media platform Truth Social that the collection sold out in a record time for $4.6 million.

This figure included 46,000 digital trading cards sold on the site, at $99 each. Yet despite the successful sell-out, some platforms have gone on to suggest that traders are tired of Trump NFTs. The transaction volume data for PolygonPolygion NFTs on OpenSea suggests otherwise.

Trump NFTs approach $20 million in all-time sales volume

The Trump Digital Trading Cards collection is now approaching $20 million in all-time sales volume according to CryptoSlum data, with slightly over 44,000 transactions completed. 

The collection currently has about 14,040 owners, with a slightly higher number of buyers than sellers, according to on-chain data published by CryptoSlam.


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