MadLads NFT Public Mint Delayed After Triggering a DDoS Attack

The public mint has been delayed by 24 hours to allow the team to sort out problems caused by excessive internet traffic.
Image source: R89Capital/Twitter

Quick take:

  • The MadLads NFT mint has been delayed by 24 hours from its previous schedule.
  • It has now been rescheduled to start at 7:00 P.M. ET (23:00 UTC) on Friday.
  • The project co-creator Armani Ferrante said on Twitter spaces late on Thursday it was due to heavy demand.

The MadLads NFT public mint has been delayed by 24 hours, the co-creators Armani Ferrante and Tristan Yver announced on Thursday. The delay was caused by unexpectedly high levels of internet traffic, which triggered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

The team said during the Twitter spaces conversation that the 24-hour period will allow it to sort out the problem caused by increased demand.

The public mint has now been rescheduled to start at 7:00 P.M. ET (23:00 UTC) on Friday, according to a tweet posted by an account linked to the Backpack-based NFT collection.

The project can only be minted using Backpack, a Solana-based asset and protocol-agnostic crypto wallet created by Blue Coral, a web3 startup co-founded by Ferrante and Yver. However, amid high demand for the MadLads NFT, billions of requests were routed through the wallet, exceeding the platform’s limits.

“This is orders of magnitude more insane than anything we’ve dealt with up until this point,” Ferrante told more than 9,500 listeners in a Twitter Spaces conversation.

MadLads is the first of its kind NFT, dubbed xNFTs, with X described as an executable—tokenized code representing ownership rights over the NFT.

MadLads first reported the massive DDoS attack last evening with the duo postponing the mint by an hour. 

However, the team was unable to solve the problem immediately prompting the 24-hour delay. No update has been made to indicate any further delays, meaning as of this writing, all systems are Go.

The Sonala community has been divided for the larger part of the last 5 months after the company disclosed huge losses amid its exposure to the collapsed crypto exchange platform FTX.

The platform saw some projects like y00ts and DeGods decamp to different blockchains later last year.

Ferrante and Yver’s tech stack on the platform that includes Anchor Network and Backpack have emerged as the most likely unifier for the community, with MadLads NFT already pointing towards an excited community on the platform.


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