Trump Doubles Down on Successful NFT Debut with Series Two of Digital Trading Cards

Trump’s first digital trading cards have garnered a total volume of 13.6k ETH (approximately $28.6 million) since debuting on December 15, 2022.
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Quick take:

  • Donald J. Trump has launched the second series of Trump Digital Trading Cards to be minted on the Polygon blockchain.
  • The former POTUS’ first NFT collection experienced significant success with 13.6k ETH (~$28.6M) in total volume.
  • Collectors will have an opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at his historic residence dubbed The Winter White House.

Former United States President Donald J. Trump has announced the second series of the Trump Digital Trading Cards. Just like the first series, the second series cards will go on auction at $99 apiece and will be minted on the Layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol Polygon.

The second series will also have a slightly higher number of Digital Trading Cards (NFTs) on offer, rising from 45,000 in Series One to 47,000. 

However, unlike in Series One, there will be no sweepstake entries in series two. This means that all NFTs will be available for purchase at the same time, to everyone, with no preliminary access granted to some auction participants.

Nonetheless, the new collection still does offer some unique opportunities, including the ability to attend the Gala Dinner with Trump at his historic residence dubbed The Winter White House in Mar-a-Lago for those who buy 47 Digital Trading Cards. 

Another exciting offer is open for those that buy 100 Trump Digital Trading Cards (NFTs) in one transaction. This offer comes with a one-of-one digital trading card NFT plus a ticket to attend the gala dinner with Donal Trump in Mar-a-Lago. Collectors also get to keep the 100 Digital Trading Cards purchased in a single transaction.

This offer is limited to the first 50 people who buy 100 trading cards in one transaction. As of this writing, there were only 16 opportunities left.

According to the information provided on, the platform has teamed up with non-custodial crypto wallet provider to allow non-crypto native buyers to easily create wallets using their email addresses. 

Collectors can buy Trump Digital Trading Cards using crypto (wrapped Ether – WETH) and credit cards. However, buyers can only use one credit card to make a purchase, because every purchase is entitled to one valid transaction. Collectors can buy in singles (one – trading card), or 10s, 20s and 100.

Like in the first series, collectors will also be able to sell the trading cards on secondary markets. While the Series One sold for $99 apiece, the most recent floor price for the trading cards was 0.198 ETH ~$411 as of this writing. The collection has garnered a total volume of 13.6k (~$28.6 million) to date.


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