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NFTgators is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate, dependable, and unbiased content on a daily basis, from the weird and wonderful world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

Throughout our site, you will find original NFT news reports from all the major events across the industry, insights into the profiles of the biggest players in the space, as well as how NFTs are bringing changes in the world through proof-of-existence, proof-of-ownership & proof-of-copyright.

After all, we are ardent believers in blockchain technology and the virtual worlds that are being built upon them, as well as all of the incredible use cases that have resulted from the relentless efforts of thousands of brilliant developers around the world.

That being said, we know this new and exciting space can be filled with jargon and technical lingo, which may be intimidating and even off-putting to newcomers. This is a problem. As a result, we believe it is our job to demystify the world of NFTs and the technology that underpins them. We plan to do this by providing high-quality educational content and in-depth guides that break difficult topics, making them more digestible and easier to understand.

Some of the main categories that we cover are as follows:

Finally, our ultimate goal is to highlight the fundamental topics and provide you with the knowledge you will require to understand the key aspects of the NFT world and the tools you need to navigate the space for yourself. That way, you can extract maximum value from these incredible tools, and hopefully, become a contributing member of this ever-expanding ecosystem.

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Editorial Staff

Nicholas is a reporter and editor at NFTgators, sifting through the world of Web3 to report the latest deals in the industry as they happen. He is a futurist, crypto enthusiast and a modern-day investor eager to pounce on the next great project as it sprouts out of the web of innovation. When not, busy scouring the internet to find the next big story, he’s probably out and about with family, or beefing up his list of vital contacts in the crypto space. Nicholas writes about Web3 fundraisings, partnerships and key hires. He is also the lead on NFTgators Weekly Newsletter. Get in touch at nicholas(at)nftgators(dot)com
I’ve been around in the cryptocurrency and fintech space for over 7 years. With my knowledge, expertise and experience in journalism, I act as NFTgators’ editor in large. With the NFT industry experiencing exponential growth year on year, I’m aiming to take NFTgators on a mission to become the go-to source for all-things news and education in the sector. You can find me at info [at] nftgators dot com. Spam will be ignored.
Anatol Antonovici is a cryptocurrency and financial journalist with a proven track record at leading crypto news platforms, including Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Bitcoinist, and FXEmpire. Besides reporting, he has contributed to blockchain projects with blog and opinion content. His journalistic journey began in traditional markets, after which he joined the crypto revolution right before the ICO craze in 2017. With an undergraduate degree in painting, Anatol is excited about NFTs’ potential in art.