Swipe Left: Tinder Swindler’s Simon Leviev Moves On to Shilling NFTs

Following the exposé that gained worldwide attention, Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev is now using his notoriety to shill NFTs.
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Quick take:

  • Simon Leviev shilled what seems to be a non-existent NFT project.
  • A Twitter user said they won’t be surprised if Leviev is rug pulling NFTs for a living.
  • Leviev has joined personalised video app, Cameo, to sell personalised video messages. 

Just when Simon Leviev thought that the world had forgotten about his crimes that were exposed in a feature titled The Tinder Swindler, published on Norwegian media outlet VG in 2019, the story of how he swindled women of millions of dollars was retold in the Netflix documentary of the same name.

The Netflix documentary follows three women, Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjoholm, Ayleen Charlotte, as they reveal in detail how Leviev swindled them out of money, leaving them still in debt years later.

While the three women managed to get the con artist arrested, he was only imprisoned for five out of his 15-month sentence, before being released for good behaviour. As of now, Leviev is currently a free man in Tel Aviv and appears to be living large.

While viewers wonder how he’s funding his current lavish lifestyle, Leviev has moved on to shilling NFTs. 

In a video posted on Twitter yesterday by “Woo.Shwayze”, Leviev, who was wearing a Gucci monogram jacket, said: “Don’t let your enemies stop you. Really you have to buy it because then you can go fight your enemies!”

A Google search of the NFT name did not yield any results. A Twitter user coincidentally foresaw Leviev’s move last week, tweeting: “It wouldn’t surprise me if #SimonLeviev is pulling rugs on NFT projects for a living right now. #TheTinderSwindler”. An even earlier Tweet from a different user said: “Simon Leviev probably doing NFT scams rn”.

Simon Leviev has become an internet meme since the Netflix documentary aired earlier this month, though he has since been banned from Tinder. Cecilie Fjellhøy told Entertainment Tonight (ET) that she has had some contact with Leviev, who told her “your lies made me a superstar.”

ET has also confirmed that Leviev has signed with talent manager Gina Rodriguez of Gitoni Inc. to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. “I was intrigued with the Netflix story. I saw the world’s greatest salesman,” Rodriguez tells ET of representing the alleged con artist. 

This week, Leviev joined personalised video app Cameo where fans can request video messages from their favourite celebrities. He’s charging $300 for personalised video messages and $1400 for business ones. 

On Feb 3, Cameo announced its NFT project Cameo Pass. It’s not known whether Leviev will be involved in the project.

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