Floor to Offer a Series Of NFT Drops Exclusively to iOS and Android Users

The first of 10 planned NFT drops will feature Vinnie Hager’s doodle-like digital artwork that has fetched more than $10 million in sales.
Image source: floornfts.io

Quick take:

  • Floor has launched a new marketplace that will sell exclusive NFT art on its Android and iOS apps.
  • The company plans to roll out the first of 10 planned NFT drops in Icons: Series One.
  • The 10 NFT art drops will be offered via the apps for 10 weeks in a row.

Floor is widening its NFT campaign with an exclusive NFT art drop via its iOS and Android apps. The NFT analytics and tracking app has announced 10 NFT drops, with the first issue debuting in Icons: Series One.

Vinnie Hager, whose doodle-like digital artwork has generated over $10 million in sales since 2021 will kickstart a series of NFT drops, which will be taking place on a weekly basis. The company will reveal artists for the other drops in due course.

According to Floor co-founder and CEO Chris Maddern, his company is trying to bring NFTs to the people, by targeting the iOS and Android app stores.

“Mobile is a platform where we’ve gotten very used to discovering, exploring, and transacting in bite-sized snacks,” Decrypt reported. “This concept of bite-sized discovery, along with an affordable price point with payment rails that customers are familiar with, makes our phones the perfect place to browse, explore, and take the first small jump into collecting in Web3.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recent expansion to Solana. In April, the company announced it is adding Solana-based NFTs to its portfolio following the successful launch and minting of MadLads NFTs.

Earlier this year, Floor acquired WGMI with plans to integrate the web3 startups, and deep analytics tools into its ecosystem.

The decision to launch an Android and iOS-based marketplace will allow Floor to tap into both the Play Store and App Store’s gaming ecosystems, enabling mobile game developers to buy and sell NFTs via its platform.

Recently, Google’s Play Store updated its policy to allow the listing of blockchain-based apps. This also creates an avenue for mobile game creators to leverage web3 items, including NFTs and tokenised assets.

However, while buying and selling NFTs via Play Store and App Store offers access to one a bigger user base, it comes at a cost, with both platforms requiring NFT sellers to pay in-app fees that could rise to as high as 30%.

Floor is no exception to this with Maddern saying the company will be complying with the policies set by the two tech giants.


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