NFT Game Becomes the Most Traded Collection has generated over $36 million in trading volume over the last week., a new NFT game launched on Blast, is taking the NFT market by storm. DappRadar data shows that the card game has generated over $36 million in trading volume over the last week, becoming the most popular NFT collection following its launch on May 1.

For comparison, the second NFT collection by trading volume over the last week was Bored Ape Yacht Club, with $12 million, followed by Mutant Ape Yacht Club, with $9.4 million. In their case, the trading volume is driven by their high NFT price, while only fewer than 600 traders exchanged the NFTs of both collections.

Elsewhere, saw over 31,700 traders conducting over 480,000 NFT sales. Sorare and Axie Infinity come next with 15,600 and 11,500 traders, respectively. is an NFT card game where players can compete with rivals by building card lineups comprising the Twitter influencers with the best engagement during each tournament. Successful players earn rewards. In other words, it’s a fantasy game for Twitter influencers instead of football players, e.g., Sorare. The NFT collection is built on Blast, a layer 2 network developed by the Blur team.

The game has already generated over $1 million in fees, according to data shared via Flipsidecrypto.

Influencers earn a 1.5% fee from the trading volume of their NFT card and 10% of all pack sale revenue.

Traders are currently the most popular type of users, after minters dominated the market when the NFT collection launched at the beginning of May.

The top-earning influencers in the first week were content creator Jenn Duong, meme coin trader Ansem, and Blast founder Pacman. Answer took to Twitter to express his confidence in the game’s success:

“$18K in earnings for [the] first week, not too shabby. Fantasy Top [is] one of the crypto apps that could onboard a lot of Web2 creators also since it requires nothing else other than their existing engagement on other social media apps.”

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