MixMob Debuts Native Token With Listing on Multiple Crypto Exchange Platforms

The MXM token launch follows the Solana-based gaming company’s $2.25 million from the MixBot NFT sale.
Image source: mixmob.io

Quick take:

  • The announcement also comes after the launch of MixMob: Racer 1, a race-to-earn game strategy game powered by the MXM token.
  • The MXM token also allows holders to participate in the governance of MixMob.
  • The token will be listed on ByBit and other leading crypto exchange platforms.

MixMob has announced its native token MXM will launch and list on Bybit and other leading crypto exchange platforms on February 1. The announcement comes on the heels of the MixMob: Racer 1, a race-to-earn game announced earlier this month. 

The announcement also follows MixMob’s successful MixBot NFT sale, which saw the company sell out 9,000 NFTs within  12 minutes, raising $2.25 million in proceeds. 

The MixMob: Racer 1 is a Solana-based strategy card game where players join a creative resistance movement in order to “re-chain” humanity’s culture. The “Remix Culture” allows players to earn rewards for their creativity and style as much as their gaming skills.

The game will be powered by the MXM token, allowing players to participate in the governance of the MixMob ecosystem through staking.

According to the announcement,  “Racer 1 expands the utility of the $MXM token, providing an incentive for players and for those who simply want to spectate and earn rewards for referrals and their participation in governance.”

MixMob offers a blended gaming ecosystem that brings the world of eSports and Web3 together. The gameplay features tiered race schedules and tournaments, which make up what MixMob calls the MXM League, governed by the MXM token, giving MXM players the power to decide on the specifics of each tournament and race.

The game also features in-game racing venues dubbed Turbo Arenas, which encourage MXM holders to stake their tokens to become part of the governing community. Staking also allows players to form and manage teams, unlock rewards for their contributions, access premium items and earn a percentage of each arena’s revenue.

MixMob is also planning to launch a Solana-based soulbound token to prevent its native token from the adverse effects of listing on external exchanges. Dubbed $SUDS, the soulbound token can only be exchanged within the MixMob gaming ecosystem.

MixMob has raised a total of $10.5 million to date from some of the leading Web3 venture funds and investors including Arthur Hayes, Solana, Alex Svanevik of Nansen, DeFiance Capital, Infinity Ventures, IOSG Ventures and Shima Capital.


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