Daily New Addresses Dealing with NFTs Hit New Record

The number of daily new crypto addresses using NFTs reached a new record high of 236,600 on May 11.

The number of daily new crypto addresses using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reached a new record high of 236,600 on May 11, according to data compiled by IntoTheBlock. The latest data shows that the total number of addresses using NFTs has reached a record high of 13.84 million.

While the source doesn’t specify which chain accounts for the largest share of activity, CryptoSlam data points to Solana.

Last month, we reported that Solana NFT buyers had reached a new all-time high on April 23. On that day, over 61,000 unique buyers acquired Solana NFTs.

Solana updated the record on May 8. The number of Solana NFT sellers also hit a record peak on that day. Data shows that more than 64,000 unique addresses sold Solana NFTs, while a record 59,200 purchased them. Interestingly, sales volume in USD terms has been declining to the lowest level since November 2023, suggesting the average price of Solana NFTs has been declining.

The number of Solana NFT buyers surged by over 1,329% in the last week, exceeding the 150,000 mark. The number of sellers surged more than 900% during the same period, breaking above the 100k mark. Solana experienced the largest weekly increase in the number of NFT traders among all chains.

Bitcoin, Polygon, and Immutable also saw three-digit gains in the number of buyers and sellers, as per CryptoSlam.

Nevertheless, despite the significant increase in percentage terms, the number of traders on most chains pales in comparison with Solana. The weekly number of NFT buyers on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blast ranges between 22k and 25.2k. Only Polygon gets closer to Solana, with over 91,000 unique buyers during the last seven days.

DappRadar data shows that fantasy.top on Blast remains the most popular NFT collection by the number of traders despite the 36% decline.

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