Kakao’s Public Blockchain Platform Klaytn Wants to Onboard Web2 Organisations onto the Web3 Space

Klaytn’s strategic partnerships with blockchain gaming and metaverse Land-Fi projects are part of its plans to bring more Web2 companies onto the Web3 space.
Image source: Klaytn

Quick take:

  • Klaytn has announced strategic partnerships with four gaming projects and one Land-Fi metaverse platform.
  • These projects will be powered by Klaytn’s blockchain.
  • Klaytn aims to be the blockchain of choice for gaming, the metaverse, and the creator economy.

Klaytn, a global public blockchain backed by South Korean internet company Kakao, has announced key strategic partnerships with blockchain gaming and metaverse Land-Fi platforms as it seeks to bridge the gap between Web2 organisations and the Web3 space.

The blockchain platform has partnered with South Korean video game developer Wemade with an aim to service 100 games on a Klaytn service chain by the end of 2022. Leading game developer/publisher Netmarble has also partnered with Klaytn to launch their MBX ecosystem on the Klaytn mainnet. 

South Korean multi-platform game developer/publisher Neowiz kicks off its play-to-earn lineup with Crypto Golf Impact powered by NEOPIN blockchain platform built on Klaytn mainnet. Blockchain gaming project Pocketful of Quarters (POQ) has built an SEC-compliant and interoperable gaming token for the metaverse on the Klaytn network.

Lastly, open metaverse Land-Fi platform KlayCity has partnered with Klaytn to boost their go-to-market strategy. As the first land NFT-based Land-Fi project built on Klaytn’s network, KlayCity is working with renowned webtoon authors on short films and e-novels over the next few months.

“At Klaytn, we think of metaverse as part of a wider universe and within this universe, games are one of the pillars that we are building. The other pillars include fan economy, NFTs, entertainment and even corporate metaverses. Our vision of a metaverse includes interoperability of NFTs, dynamic NFTs, and an environment for people to create and own digital assets,” a Klaytn spokesperson told NFTgators in an email.

Klaytn’s head of marketing, Aaron Koh, told NFTgators that the platform and its partnerships are designed to create an environment where developers and content creators can plug and play, and users can easily toggle between games, content and other services.

This can be done using Klaytn’s Metaverse Package, which consists of Primary Infrastructure such as toolsets for end-to-end blockchain integration and building and Secondary Infrastructure such as integration services, stablecoin integrations, NFT marketplaces and more.

“Klaytn is looking to partner with Web2 organisations, from AAA game developers, entertainment brands etc and onboard them onto the Web3 space. Within this metaverse, we will connect our partners with NFT marketplaces, decentralized exchanges and other support infrastructure that will enable the formation of their metaverse,” said Koh.

Launched in 2019, Klaytn has secured the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project with the Bank of Korea. The Bank of Korea has been experimenting with NFT purchases using CBDC.

Klaytn is also integrated with mobile messaging app KakaoTalk via its crypto wallet Klip, and is accessible to the 45 million KakaoTalk users in the country. 

The blockchain platform has previously announced strategic partnerships beyond gaming and will be announcing more partnerships in the near future.

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