Dives Deeper Into Metaverse Gaming with Arcade Land and BitBrawl Deals

Leading NFTs and metaverse investment firm has dived deeper into blockchain gaming after acquiring assets in Arcade Land and BitBrawl.
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  • has intensified its blockchain games investments with the acquisition of crypto gaming assets in Arcade Land and BitBrawl.
  • The company invests in digital asset projects involved in crypto staking and decentralised finance.
  • The new assets were acquired through its subsidiary Hulk Labs in a move that will boost its position in the NFTs and P2E gaming space.

Leading digital assets investment company has announced the purchase of crypto gaming assets from Arcade Land and BitBrawl. The company invests in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse projects including those involved in crypto staking and decentralised finance (DeFi).

The company said its subsidiary Hulk Labs team is intensifying investments in play-to-earn gaming and the metaverse after identifying Arcade Land and BitBrawl as major players in the next wave of onboarding millions into the market.

“The team has analyzed hundreds of play-to-earn projects and has identified indicators that determine these games to have the largest potential to attract wide audiences and provide outsized returns,” wrote in a statement on Tuesday.

Hulk Labs plans to identify the most promising games pre-launch, which will give the company the best chance to benefit before the games gain industry-wide popularity.

Commenting on the new acquisitions, Andrew Kiguel, CEO of said: “The Hulk Labs division was created to find exciting, new, and emerging projects with potential for outsized growth in the play-to-earn space.”

“By identifying these games as top tier projects we believe they will provide outsized appreciation and yield potential,” Kiguel added.

The company has bought several digital land parcels on Arcade Land, which allows users to build structures that their friends can visit and enjoy various experiences including playing games. The parcels also hold yield earnings potential determined by the parcel sizes.

On the other hand, BitBrawl offers rare avatar NFTs. The gaming ecosystem uses the $BRWL token to facilitate in-game transactions and rewards. Players can earn the $BRWL token by competing against each other in online combat.

Hulk Labs plans to create a guild gaming ecosystem for its BitBrawl assets in order to earn token returns, the same way it earns yields from token staking.

Joshua Doner, Chief NFT Officer of and Hulk Labs commented: “Significant NFT Project IP has been created over the last 18 months and we are positioning Hulk Labs to actively participate in this growing segment of the NFT market through projects providing experiences, potential revenue models and utility to the owners of Blue Chip NFT assets.”

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