Fiverr’s New Surveys Show that UK and US Freelancers are Profiting from Selling Web3 Services

New research by Israeli online marketplace for freelance services, Fiverr, show that freelancers have made a profit from offering Web3 and NFT services.
Image source: Fiverr

Quick take:

  • Fiverr surveyed 1000 UK and US freelancers.
  • 87% of UK freelancers have profited by offering Web3 services while 64% of US freelancers have profited from selling NFT-based services.
  • Fiverr saw a 278% increase in gig listings for NFT services from Q3 to Q4 2021.

According to new data by Israeli online marketplace for freelance services, Fiverr, freelancers in the UK and US have profited from selling Web3 and NFT services.

The platform surveyed over 1000 UK-based freelancers at the start of 2022 and found that 87% of freelancers have made money from providing Web3 services. The survey also found that 77% of freelancers plan to enhance their current offering of services based on the growth of Web3.

UK freelancers foresee that they could earn an extra of up to £2,300 ($3013.89) per month on average from Web 3.0. 37% are confident they could earn up to £3,000 ($3931.15) and 20% believe they could earn up to £4,000 ($5241.54).

A third of UK freelancers surveyed say that they see opportunities of incorporating AI into their work while 34% would include AR.

According to Daily Record, Peggy de Lange, VP of International Expansion at Fiverr, said: “Following the pandemic, UK entrepreneurial spirit continues to shine through as savvy online freelancers turn new digital trends into earning potential.

“As with all new technologies, future widespread adoption is uncertain but online marketplaces like Fiverr have an important role to play in providing a platform for freelancers to pivot their services around these trends, during a time of sky-rocketing growth.”

Similarly across the pond, Fiverr found that 64% of US-based freelancers have profited from selling NFT services. The company partnered with Censuswide to survey over 1000 US freelancers on their perspectives on NFTs and the metaverse.

48% of the respondents surveyed have profited from the sale of metaverse-related services. Like the UK freelancers, 83% of US freelance respondents said that they plan to adapt their current offerings based on the growth they’ve seen in the Web3 space.

54% of US freelancers said that they can see themselves earning an additional $2,600 to $5,200 per month by monetising their blockchain-related skills.

The survey also found that males feel they have a higher earning potential, with 40% saying they foresee earning an estimated $2,600 to $3,900 more a month through NFT and metaverse-related services while only 28% of female freelancers feel the same.

However, women are out-earning men in the metaverse, with 61% of female freelancers claiming to have earned from metaverse-related services compared to 45% of male freelancers.

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