Versace Pounces on the Metaverse Craze with Trademark Filings for Luxury Virtual Goods

Multinational luxury fashion designer Versace has become the latest brand to leap into the metaverse after filing a trademark application for virtual goods and NFTs.
Image source: Versace

Quick take:

  • Versace has filed trademark applications for virtual goods and NFTs.
  • The Italian luxury fashion brand will offer virtual clothing, eyewear and jewellery.
  • The company will also offer multimedia linked NFTs and a virtual store in the metaverse.

Italian leading luxury fashion brand Versace is coming to the metaverse. The multinational designer has filed a trademark application to offer virtual goods and downloadable digital products.

According to the filing submitted to the US patents and trademarks office (USPTO) on March 7, Versace wants to provide virtual clothing, eyewear and jewellery to users of the immersive 3D world.

Under downloadable virtual goods, the company will offer various products, including computer programs, footwear, eyewear, perfumery, jewellery, and furniture, among others. Versace will also offer downloadable data files provided with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other crypto collectibles.

The company will offer also offer non-downloadable virtual goods under the entertainment services segment.

Other key products have been filed under the downloadable image and multimedia files segment including artwork, text, audio, video and games. All these will be linked to NFTs. The filing was reported by intellectual property attorney Mike Kondoudis via Twitter.

Image souce: @KondoudisLaw/Twitter

The metaverse is a 3D virtual space that allows people to interact with each other using 3D avatars. It is attracting attention from both brands and individuals. also, filing trademarks to offer products in the immersive world is the retired National Football League (NFL) icon, now turned Web3 investor, Tom Brady.

Brady filed a trademark application through his company TBD ™ LLC with the USPTO on March 7 to offer downloadable virtual goods including digital media linked to blockchain technology, NFTs, and collectibles.

The team behind the Woodstock festival has also filed a trademark application to provide experiential services in the metaverse. The owner of the music and art fair wants to offer virtual concerts in the 3D universe. 

The organisation is also looking to offer various experiential entertainment activities including animations, simulations and visualizations. 

The Coachella festival also filed a similar filing recently, demonstrating the influx of live events and entertainment companies in the metaverse.

Leading Chinese internet giant Tencent also filed trademarks earlier this month to offer virtual concerts in the metaverse.

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