DAO Maker Builds New NFT Game Based on Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo Project

Christoph Zaknun created Degen Zoo in 30 days. Paul had indicated it would take years to develop the CryptoZoo game.
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Quick take:

  • Christophe Zaknun has developed a new NFT game dubbed Degen Zoo.
  • The game is based on Logan Paul’s abandoned project CryptoZoo.
  • The DAO Maker founder completed the game within 30 days, while Paul had indicated it would take years to develop CryptoZoo.

Christoph Zaknun unveiled the Degen Zoo NFT game. The DAO Maker founder says he single-handledly built the game in 30 days. Degen Zoo is based on Logan Paul’s abandoned game CryptoZoo, which paul had suggested would take years to build.

American YouTuber Coffeezilla last year through a series of youtube videos exposed CryptoZoo as Logan Paul’s biggest scam prompting the YouTuber turned boxer to file a defamation lawsuit. 

Paul later pulled the plug on the lawsuit, choosing to take accountability for the scam allegations. 

In a recent Joe Rogan podcast, Coffeezilla said the CryptoZoo-Logan Paul saga was the biggest story he’s ever broken, exposing how influencer greed has been used to raise millions of dollars from fake crypto projects.

Fast-forward to 2023, Zaknun has found a way to bring the shelved project to life. According to the announcement on Friday, the game has already registered more than 115,000 wallets with pledges of over $700 million setting a new blockchain game record.

Degen Zoo, as the name suggests, features an NFT collection of 120 endangered species. Players are incentivised to “Kill” their NFT animal pushing the collection to extinction, which raises awareness of the adverse effects of human versus wildlife conflict.

Degen Zoo’s development began as a joke amid back-and-forth exchanges between Zaknun and Paul. The DAO Maker founder pointed out that since Paul raised funds for the CryptoZoo project, a year had passed with no progress made in developing the game.

That’s when Paul came up with the “it would take years” statement, which Zaknun has since dispelled by building Degen Zoo in 30 days.

Zaknun has pledged to donate all profits from Degen Zoo to charity. Interest in the game has spiked, driven by the DAO Maker founder’s decision to issue daily updates.

Degen Zoo now boasts more than 250,000 followers on Twitter. According to the press release, the game’s testnet has already registered more than 30,000 transactions with more than 3,000 players eager to join.

Zaknun is now proceeding with the Mainnet release of Degen Zoo following the accelerated development cycle.


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