YGG Japan, KryptoGO and Infinity Ventures Team Up to Launch Web3 Gaming Wallet

YGG Japan has collaborated with crypto wallet developer KryptoGO and web3 venture capital firm Infinity Ventures Crypto to create a specialised web3 gaming wallet.
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Quick take:

  • YGG Japan has teamed up with KryptoGO and Infinity Ventures Crypto to offer a wallet specialising in web3 games.
  • The blockchain gaming guild and its partners say the GameFi wallet will be crucial to onboarding masses to Web3 gaming.
  • The partnership brings together a regional subDAO, a non-custodial crypto wallet developer and a dedicated GameFi, Web3  and DeFi investor.

Yield Guild Games’ Japan-based subDAO YGG Japan has teamed up with KryptoGO and Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) to launch a crypto wallet dedicated to blockchain gaming. 

The blockchain gaming guild is leveraging the expertise of the non-custodial wallet developer and financial support from the leading web3 venture capital firm to create a wallet that will make it easier to onboard new players to blockchain gaming.

The three companies are trying to address one of the biggest challenges facing blockchain game companies. YGG Japan and its partners pointed out the process required to gain access to token-gated gaming communities as complicated.

“Users wishing to enjoy blockchain games today have to download, install, and configure browser extensions and mobile wallets (Non-Custodial wallets) on their smartphones to prepare tokens and coins to be used in games,” the press statement reads.

And that’s not all. A lot of these wallets are designed to service DeFi (decentralised finance) and DEX (decentralised exchange) users, rather than specifically for blockchain game users.

YGG Japan is trying to make blockchain gaming an everyday livelihood for avid gamers. The company believes that the play-and-earn gaming concept could be the key to bringing web3 games to the masses. 

Play and earn focuses more on building quality games that leverage crypto monetisation to reward gamers for their activity. They are viewed as a concervative version of the profit-driven play-to-earn gaming ecosystems.

According to YGGJ, “in order for more users to experience the fun of blockchain games, it is imperative to lower the barriers to starting a game as much as and as easy as possible.”

Commenting on the partnership, Tetsuya Fujiwara, YGG Japan said: “Currently, only highly literate users are accessible to and enjoy blockchain games and web3 world in Japan. YGG Japan’s mission is to spread blockchain games and the new era of gaming culture, and to bring this new experience to as many users as possible.”

On the other hand, Kordan Ou, CEO of KryptoGO said his company’s role is to optimise the experience of managing on-chain game assets. The company wants to eliminate the challenges of cross-chain gaming by using its proprietary wallet which emphasises managing assets for multiple chains.

“Users can manage all their virtual assets with just a phone number, making the transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming much easier. Regardless of which blockchain a game runs on, all game assets will be accessible and highly secure in KryptoGO Wallet, making it the best choice as a cross-game inventory!”

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