Bandai Namco Launches AI Virtual Pet NFT Game on Oasys Network

The RYUZO game is developed in collaboration with Japanese startup Attructure, and published by Double Jump.Tokyo.
Image source: Double Jump.Tokyo/YouTube

Quick take:

  • Bandai Namco has launched an AI virtual pet game on Oasys Network.
  • The Japanese gaming giant is expanding its relationship with the layer 1 blockchain developer after becoming a node provider in 2022.
  • The announcement comes barely a week after the Japanese government expressed its commitment to support web3 projects.

Bandai Namco has launched an AI virtual pet NFT game on Oasys Network. The Japanese gaming giant’s research unit teamed up with a locally-based startup Attracture to develop RYUZO, which will be published by Double Jump.Tokyo.

RYUZO is based on a series of NFT digital creatures called RYU. The company initially airdropped 10,000 digital NFT eggs called MARYU to the holders of the Oasyx NFTs, Oasys Network’s genesis collection.

According to the game’s description, RYU transform to soulbound NFTs upon hutching giving holders an opportunity to gain ownership in the project depending on their contributions to the community.

Soulbound tokens are locked to the original wallet, making them non-transferrable and unsellable.

Just like in Bandai Namco’s classic Tamagotchi virtual pet game, the RYU is capable of developing a personality, which unlocks different abilities depending on user engagement. The creatures rely on artificial intelligence to develop new abilities that enhance the user experience.

Oasys Network has established itself as a game-centric blockchain. The company has added multiple mainstream gaming companies to its validator network, with the likes of Sega, Square Enix, and Ubisoft joining Bandai Namco as node operators.

Ubisoft revealed earlier this year that it is building its next blockchain game a tactical roleplaying game called Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. On the other hand, despite announcing a rethink of its blockchain gaming strategy, Sega will continue to franchise its less popular gaming IP to third parties to develop blockchain games.

Meanwhile, Bandai Namco has been expanding its foray into web3 and the metaverse following last year’s $130 million outlay for a metaverse experience based on the popular “Gundam” anime franchise.


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