Battlebound, A Web3 Studio by AAA Gaming Vets Launches Pet Racing Game Cosmic Cup

Cosmic Cup’s game avatars which are a blend of cats and turtles draw inspiration from the iconic NFT game CryptoKitties.
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Quick take:

  • Battlebound has launched a new game mode Cosmic Cup.
  • The pet racing game is developed by AAA gaming veterans from Ubisoft, Blizzard, NCSoft, and Riot Games.
  • The studio also announced a key feature, Purrtle Packs, an in-game wearable that evolves in the gameplay into an NFT avatar.

Battlebound has announced a new game mode Cosmic Cup, a pet racing game that will also allow players to mint rare collectible packs called “Purrtle Packs” that evolve through the gameplay into NFT avatars.

Battlebound is a web3 studio founded by AAA video gaming veterans from Ubisoft, Blizzard, Riot Games and Korean game developer and publisher NCSoft.

The studio has already experienced success with Evaverse, a compete-to-own gaming platform built for gamers and NFT collectors. The platform allows users to compete and socialise in an immersive 3D space.

Cosmic Cup is the latest game mode to come out of Battlebound’s growing gaming ecosystem.

To debut the new game, the studio has created an exclusive collection of Purrtles. As the name suggests, Purrtles are a blend of cat and turtle avatars. They draw inspiration from one of the pioneers of NFT gaming CryptoKitties.

The company also announced a free mint of an in-game wearable called Purrtle Packs, which will evolve into an NFT avatar as players progress through the different levels in the game.

A player is awarded an exclusive 1-for-1 Purrtle avatar after reaching the maximum points in the gamification.

“Battlebound’s vision is to create incredible 10,000-hour games that players will enjoy for decades. We do this by creating fun gameplay combined with enhanced NFT utility. Once a Purrtle Pack evolves to reveal a companion Purrtle NFT, the NFT has the ability to earn stamina by competing in the Cosmic Cup. The stamina empowers the NFT to continue to earn rewards in the form of tickets and badges while players are offline. As these off-chain currencies accrue, players are given a larger $EVA token airdrop allocation when the game token launches in 2023,” shared Adam Hensel, Founder and CEO of Battlebound.

Battlebound is distributing 1,000 Purrtle Packs as part of the current promotion campaign for the game. Registration for the free mint, which takes place on December 20, 2022, starts at 5:00 PM on December 7.

Overall, the company plans to distribute 10,000 Purrtle Packs with the Evaverse Genesis NFT holders each guaranteed a Purrtle Pack. Battlebound said it will distribute 5,000 Purrtle Packs in December in collaboration with Coinbase Wallet, Magic Eden and through exclusive Battlebound events. The remaining 5,000 Purrtle Packs will be reserved for future drops.

Evaverse is open to all players, with those without NFTs able to play the game on Steam.


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