Yield Guild Games Backs AMGI Studios’ Hollywood-Themed NFT Gaming Project

AMGI Studios has received backing from YGG, Delphi Digital, Bitkraft Ventures and others for its Web3 metaverse game project “My Pet Hooligan”.
Image source: My Pet Hooligan

Quick take:

  • AMGI Studios has received backing from top Web3 gaming companies for its new NFT game.
  • Yield Guild Games, Bitkraft Ventures, and Delphi Digital were among the investors.
  • AMGI is making an NFT project called My Pet Hooligan and a mobile app Immi, which will allow users to real-time animated characters.

AMGI Studios has announced backing from leading web3 companies to build its Hollywood-themed NFT game “My Pet Hooligan”. The animation studio said it has received financial backing from Yield Guild Games (YGG), Delphi Digital, and Bitcraft Ventures, among others.

AMGI will also be launching a mobile app Immi, alongside My Pet Hooligan, allowing players to create real-time animated characters. The project promises to bring NFTs to life, which is an emerging concept in the digital collectibles space for NFT profile pictures.

The idea is to reanimate still images into playable characters in the “My Pet Hooligan” metaverse. 

The difference from other existing platforms that utilize pre-existing NFTs to create gaming characters is that IMGI will focus on empowering players to create their own characters using the Immi mobile app.

The company is also planning to create another blockchain game, called “The Rabbit Hole”, which draws inspiration from the popular AAA video game “Grand Theft Auto” and the 2016 family adventure film, Zootopia.

The Rabbit Hole will be a “free, exciting and rebellious gameplay juxtaposed with high-quality animated characters,” IMGI said on Monday.

The three web3 investors will take advisory roles in the new venture, helping IMGI shape the gameplay, in-game ecosystems, and in-game social structures of its new games.

The company is working on a structure that will help it bring some of Hollywood’s most popular characters to Web3 gaming. AMGI has built a highly-capable creative team, including designers and creators from some of the leading animation studios in the world, including Pixar, Disney and ILM.

The project is also backed by leading celebrities that have featured prominently in web3 projects including Marc Cuban, Tony Robbins, Pitbull, and Paris Hilton.

Commenting on his company’s new investment, Jeff Holmberg, head of asset acquisition at Yield Guild Games said: “AMGI Studios is bringing together a team of creatives who have demonstrated their ability to deliver a story-driven narrative with top-of-the-line production studios.”

Jeremy Parris, an associate at Delphi Digital, commented: “This opening up of creativity using the proprietary technologies they’ve developed will help usher in interoperability within the Metaverse, help realize the creator economy, and lower the barrier of entry into many creative mediums. The repercussions of this are immense and we at Delphi Digital are excited to partner with AMGI to help design this future.”

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