Oh Baby Games Launches Out of Stealth with the Closing of a $6M in Seed Round

Crypto gaming platform Oh Baby Games has raised $6 million in a seed round.
Image source: Oh Baby Games

Quick take:

  • Girl Capital and Synergis Capital co-led the seed round.
  • Oh Baby Games plans to launch three titles this year.
  • Its first game is based on the Kart genre featuring recognisable characters from Crypto Twitter.

Crypto gaming platform Oh Baby Games has launched out of stealth following a raise of $6 million in seed funding. Girl Capital and Synergis Capital co-led the seed round, with participation from gmjp and Merit Circle DAO.

Angel investors who joined the round include Kevin Lin (Co-founder of Twitch, Metatheory), Santiago Santos, Wing Vasiksiri (WV), Serkan Toto (Founder of Kantan Games), and popular Crypto Twitter influencers “@cl207” and “@inversebrah.”

The platform plans to launch three titles this year, with the first release being What the Kart, a new take on the kart racing genre. The game will feature recognisable profile picture characters from Crypto Twitter (CT) as well as notable streamers who will onboard to the platform.  

“The Kart genre hasn’t innovated for decades. Equipment should matter. Custom garages to personalize and show off. Ghost battles against others. Player-made bounties. The tracks should tell a story, not just be a continuous 3-lap loop all the time,” said Pas Tran, Founder of Oh Baby Games.

Explaining the platform’s decision to feature CT influencers, Tran said: “I fell in love with CT. There’s endless lore and stories being told there. Because of the immensely dedicated community on CT, the best content, stories, lore, characters, etc. all rise to the top. In this regard, content can be simultaneously crowd generated, approved, and endless.”

The platform plans to launch cross-game collectibles as part of Oh Baby Games’ rollout strategy. After What the Kart, the next two games will be Rugpull Guys followed by Platform Fighter in 2023. These games were bootstrapped prior to the seed funding.

Oh Baby Games claims that the three games are built by veterans in the industry who have been involved in top-grossing titles such as Age of Empires II, Battlefield Franchise, Adventure Pals, Call of Duty Franchise, Crazy Fishing VR, League of Legends, Castle Crashers and Magic The Gathering.

“We have all shipped games before, we’ve shipped games that have failed but also ones that have hit viral success. This raise allows us to move even faster,” Tran added.


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