NFL Rivals Hits Record Daily Active Users After Game of the Day Feature

The mobile NFT game now has more than 2 million players in total and is the first with offical licensing from the NFL.
Image source: Mythical Games

Quick take:

  • NFL Rivals hit a record daily high in the number of active users on Saturday after featuring in the App Store’s Game of the Day.
  • The mobile NFT game now has over 2 million players in total.
  • Mythical Games recently migrated to Polkadot from Ethereum citing scalability as one of the reasons.

NFL Rivals on Saturday hit a new all-time high of daily active users after making its debut in the App Store Game of the Day feature. NFL Rivals is a collaborative project of blockchain and metaverse gaming studio Mythical Games and the National Football League. 

The game boasts over 2 million players in total and is the first mobile NFT game with official licensing from the NFL.

This milestone comes following Mythical Games’ decision to migrate from Ethereum to Polkadot, a layer-1 blockchain platform that uses pooled security from multiple blockchains to provide infinite scalability.

“The decision to leave the Ethereum ecosystem stems from a combination of issues surrounding slow transaction speeds, even with L2 roll-ups, that would ultimately hinder our scaling plans with our new games this year,” Mythical Games CEO, John Linden said in a statement about the migration to Polkadot.

On Sunday, Linden posted on X expressing his excitement at Mythical Games’ achievement and the implications it could have on Web3 gaming.

Polkadot backed Linden’s views with the same optimism, adding that this explains why Mythical Chain is now the third-largest blockchain in terms of sales of digital assets. 

“Web3 gaming is going mainstream!” Polkadot wrote in a post on X.

Mythical Games first announced the migration of Mythical Chain to Polkadot in April this year. This migration allows more on-chain game developers to build on the Mythical Ecosystem without sacrificing interoperability or connectivity, thus resulting in the creation of a superchain. 

“We are thrilled Mythical Games was drawn to the unique strengths of Polkadot, which allows projects to create their own ecosystems within Polkadot, including their own governance and treasury,” Björn Wagner, CEO of Parity Technologies, a leading contributor to the Polkadot network said in April.


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