Mila Kunis Teams Up with Sharad Devarajan to Launch Web3 Entertainment Franchise ‘Armored Kingdom’

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Quick take:

  • A limited-edition Issue 0 of the Armored Kingdom comic book will be available for free for seven days.
  • A five-issue series of digital and physical comics will be the first collectibles to launch.
  • The mythology of Armored Kingdom will be further expanded upon in the trading card game.

Mila Kunis has teamed up with Liquid Comics and Graphic India CEO, Sharad Devarajan, to co-produce Web3 sci-fi/fantasy franchise, Armored Kingdom. The new franchise spans a Web3 trading card game, digital comics, animation and film built on the NEAR blockchain.

To celebrate the launch of Armored Kingdom, a limited-edition Issue 0 of the comic book will be available for free for seven days. 

Created by Hugh Sterbakov, the universe of Armored Kingdom consists of the medieval dynasties of Armoria, named after a powerful and mysterious metal, Armorite. No one since the Ancestors – a long-gone dynasty who used the metal to craft magical weapons – has been able to mine Armorite. 

Now scattered across the lands, each of these weapons can alter the power balance between the warring dynasties, which include humans, the jungle-dwelling creatures of the Kingdom of the Horn, the amphibious Costraca, and a society of secret assassins, the Warri. After 100 years of war, the six dynasties formed a union to fight a mysterious force that threatens the kingdom.

Kunis, an avid TCG/MMO gamer, has taken on a producer role in Armored Kingdom, alongside Sharad Devarajan, who’s a veteran in the storytelling and comic book publishing industry.

The franchise was co-founded by both Kunis and Devarajan, alongside creator Hugh Sterbakov and writer/game designer Brian Turner, as well as co-producers Lindsey McInerney and Lisa Sterbakov.

A five-issue series of digital and physical comics will be the first assets to launch in the collection to bring readers into the world of Armored Kingdom, in preparation for the digital trading card game, which will be phase two of the franchise, set to launch later this year.

“I lost a good part of my youth to gaming, from World of WarCraft to Settlers of Catan,” Kunis told Variety. “The moment I dove into Web3, I  saw the opportunity to create an immersive universe where blockchain technology deepens the gaming experience and makes it more personal and immersive for every fan. Armored Kingdom will allow gamers to relate to their characters and gear in a revolutionary way, and we can’t wait to share more of that with you very soon.”

Last summer, Kunis launched a token-gated NFT animated series, Stoner Cats. In March, her production company, Sixth Wall, partnered with Web3 animation studio Toonstar to launch The Gimmicks, a community-driven NFT animated series powered by Solana.

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