Web3 Animation Studio Toonstar Partners with Mila Kunis’ Production Company to Launch Animated NFT Series

Fans can participate in the community-driven animated NFT series titled The Gimmicks.
Image source: The Gimmicks

Last Updated on April 28, 2022

Quick take:

  • The animated NFT series is powered by Solana.
  • NFT holders can vote on the series’ character and storyline development through a ‘choose your own adventure’ option.
  • NFTs of the series will be free to mint.

Web3 animation studio Toonstar and Sixth Wall, the digital arm of Mila Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions, have announced today the launch of The Gimmicks, a community-driven animated NFT series powered by Solana.

Described as “South Park meets WWE”, the adult animated series is about washed-up wrestlers trying to regain their former glory. The characters are voiced by former WWE stars Luke “Doc” Gallows, Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson, FKA Enzo Amore and Rocky Romero.

Written by “The Daves,” Dave Ihlenfeld and David Wright (Family Guy, The Simpsons), The Gimmicks is the first series that gives fans a chance to participate in character and storyline development using NFT technology.

At the end of each episode, NFT holders will get to vote on a ‘choose your own adventure’ option which will influence future episodes and character arcs. 

NFT holders will also be able to interact with other fans via an on-chain social layer that is connected to the holder’s NFT. Actions will be recorded on-chain as proof of community engagement.

“As veterans in the animation industry, we know how invested the audience can get in storylines and characters. Working on the blockchain gives us a chance to engage with the community in ways never possible before,” said John Attanasio, CEO + Co-Founder, Toonstar. “We’re thrilled to see this The Gimmicks launch and are looking forward to giving other new voices an animation platform.”

Toonstar and Sixth Wall will drop 10,000 NFTs which will be available via The Gimmicks website on Mar 18 and are free to mint.

“Toonstar absolutely gets the ridiculously fast nature of creating in Web3,” said Mila Kunis. “They are able to make animation at unprecedented speed while also managing creative community elements; I can’t wait for people to come and engage in the fun.”

This is Mila Kunis’ second NFT-based animated series. Her first project, Stoner Cats, was crowdfunded and released last summer through an NFT collection on Ethereum, with each episode being token-gated. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin voiced one of the characters on the show.

Similar projects have been launched. Earlier this month,  NFT artist Pplpleasr launched ‘Shibuya’, decentralized film distribution platform that allows users to engage, fund, decide outcomes and become owners of long-form video content.

NFTs for watching Shibuya’s first series, White Rabbit, generated 431 ETH in sales volume. The series illustrates the experience of going down the crypto rabbit hole.

Ritestream, a platform where creators can fund film and TV projects via NFTs, is preparing to conclude its beta phase next week and launch to the public.

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