RTFKT Collaborates with Byredo On Wearable Metaverse Perfume

Named ‘Alphameta’, the collab includes customised physical and digital scents.
Image source: RTFKT

Quick take:

  • Physical perfume bottles will have NFT-connected near-field communications (NFC) tags.
  • This is Byredo’s first metaverse project.
  • NFT collectors will be able to combine digital ingredients to create a physical scent.

Design and fashion studio, RTFKT, has partnered with luxury fragrance brand, Byredo, to create ‘Aura’, which RTFKT says is “NFT elements you mix like an alchemist to create one of 350 unique Perfumes to then forge IRL.”

Named ‘Alphameta’, the metaverse perfume collab will see the creation of wearable digital perfumes, customised physical and digital scents and NFT-connected near-field communications (NFC) tags on physical perfume bottles. 

Byredo and RTFKT will work with Paris-based art directors M/M, to visually render 26 ingredients that represent emotions such as acuity, harmony, naivety and virtue, which will then become limited-edition NFTs. They will be wearable via RTFKT’s “avatar ecosystem”.

The wearable perfumes will be airdropped to random CloneX NFT avatar holders and will unlock a clone Aura wearable. 

Collectors will be able to combine digital ingredients to create a physical scent, at up to 2,000 scents. Physical bottles of the scents will then be produced, individually numbered and connected to its NFT ingredients with an NFC tag. RTFKT and Nike’s upcoming Cryptokicks sneakers will also come with an NFC tag connected to their corresponding NFTs.

“I liked the idea of dissecting it down to raw materials,” says Byredo founder and creative director Ben Gorham, in a release. “A single scent is incapable of representing this virtual world, so we formulated a lexicon of elements that collectors can combine at will to make something entirely unique.”

Byredo was acquired by Spanish fashion and fragrance company, Puig, in a $1.07 billion deal in May. The brand is known for its luxury perfumes and produces leather accessories and makeup. This is Byredo’s first metaverse project, and RTFKT’s first interpretation of fragrances. 

Beauty brands have been trying to visually interpret beauty products in the metaverse. Estee Lauder dropped its virtual NFT serum for Metaverse Fashion Week on Decentraland to give avatars who apply the serum a “glowing radiant look.” Clinique recently gave Daz 3D’s Non-Fungible People NFT avatars a makeover by collaborating with makeup artists to create makeup looks. Givenchy also recently unveiled its Beauty House on Roblox, allowing visitors to apply makeup on their avatars.

More details on the wearable perfume NFT drop will be available in July.

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