Metaphysic Expands C-suite with Chief Marketing Officer Erika Coppel and Chief Metaverse Officer Beni Issembert

Metaphysic builds AI content generation tools and infrastructure for the Web3 economy.
Image source: Metaphysic

Quick take:

  • Erika Coppel, former head of marketing & creator experience at OnlyFans, is appointed as chief marketing officer.
  • Beni Issembert joins as chief metaverse officer.
  • Issembert will guide the company’s web3 efforts through strategic partnerships.

Metaphysic, a company that builds AI content generation tools and infrastructure for Web3, today announced two additions to its C-suite team.

The company has promoted Erika Coppel from head of marketing to chief marketing officer. Coppel was previously the head of marketing & creator experience at OnlyFans for two years.

In her newly expanded role, Coppel will play an instrumental role in creating Metaphysic’s digital interfaces for business partnerships and consumers. She most recently orchestrated the promotional campaign for Metaphysic’s run on America’s Got Talent and grew Metaphysic’s TikTok and Instagram presence. 

With over 20 years of marketing, technology and customer experience, Coppel has held marketing leadership positions at international companies including Conker, Mercedes-Benz and Maybe*.

“I am so proud to be a part of a team of such talented technologists, visionaries, and creators,” said Coppel. “Metaphysic has shifted the paradigm for the entertainment industry and reimagined how we are represented in the digital world.”

Metaphysic’s products include Every Anyone, a tool that allows users to create a lifelike synthetic avatar using advanced AI and their biometric data. Metaphysic Studios builds deep learning and AI content generation tools for creating deep fakes. 

It has worked with Gillette (P&G) and Nice Shoes on a marketing campaign, creating a synthetic version of American football coach Deion Sanders exactly as he looked on the night he was drafted for the NFL. The campaign aired during the 2021 NFL Draft

The company is co-founded by artificial intelligence artist, Chris Ume, who has developed many of the tools and techniques behind today’s best-known deepfakes including the viral sensation ‘DeepTomCruise’ to South Park’s ‘Sassy Justice’.

Additionally, Metaphysic has hired its first chief metaverse officer, Beni Issembert, who will guide the company’s web3 efforts through strategic partnerships, the continued creation of hyperreal content, and the exploration of new technologies and research.

Issembert brings over two decades of experience in blockchain technology and the digital world. He has served as the chief marketing officer for several global blockchain and digital entertainment-focused companies, including Concordium, Beam Privacy, and

“In this newly created role, I am honored to be a part of a team that is such a leader in the industry and sets the tone for the future of entertainment and hyperreal content,” said Issembert.  “The company’s work to create an ethical web3 space backed by consent and ownership of biometric data will serve as a guiding light in the industry for years to come.”

The company also recently hired its first director of product innovation Jo Plaete, a former Disney CG Supervisor and VFX and innovation veteran. With the additional support of Coppel and Issembert, Metaphysic aims to strengthen its position as the leading hyperreal AI platform.



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