Forte Makes $5M Strategic Investment in SuperLayer to Expand Beyond Web3 Gaming

The blockchain gaming platform will serve as SuperLayer’s preferred liquidity service provider for projects.
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  • Forte has teamed up with SuperLayer to expand its ecosystem beyond web3 gaming.
  • The blockchain game developer also invested $5 million in the venture studio.
  • The funds will be used to incubate startups in SuperLayer’s $25M fund announced in August.

Forte has announced a partnership with SuperLayer in a strategic deal that seeks to expand its ecosystem beyond web3 gaming. The company also revealed a $5 million investment in the venture studio’s $25 million fundraising announced in August. 

The venture studio wants to use the partnership in a strategic move that will see it expand its ecosystem to other web3 segments.

According to CoinDesk, Linda Chew, Chief Development Officer at Forte said: “The core tenets of blockchain are applicable much more broadly than just games, whether it’s e-commerce or loyalty systems or social. There’s really a number of different verticals where we see enormous potential.”

SuperLayer was founded by blockchain gaming pioneers Kevin Chou and Mahesh Vellanki, who also co-founded Forte. The San Fransisco-based studio is backed by some of the leading web3 companies including Polygon, which anchored the $25 million round in August.

On the other hand, Forte reached Unicorn status in 2021 after raising more than $910 million across two funding rounds.

Forte is a web3 platform that enables game makers to easily integrate blockchain gaming elements and NFTs into their titles. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a blockchain-based representation of a digital collectible, digital art, or JPEG. The NFT technology can also be used to turn regular gaming assets like character avatars, weapons and skins into tradable items on the blockchain. 

Forte wants to expand its ecosystem to other aspects of web3 through its partnership with SuperLayer. According to the announcement, Forte will become SuperLayer’s ‘preferred crypto payment and liquidity services provider for projects, with the venture studio providing the infrastructure that Forte requires to expand to other verticals of web3.

The investment also gives Forte access to exciting web3 projects in SuperLayer’s incubator program.



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