MetaMetaVerse Launches MetaShip NFT Collection for Cross-Metaverse Travel

The MetaMetaVerse team has announced the launch of 5,000 MetaShip NFTs on OpenSea that can be used to travel across multiple metaverses.
image source: MetaMetaVerse

Quick take:

  • MetaMetaVerse has launched the MetaShip NFT Collection on OpenSea.
  • The collection consists of 5,000 NFTs created to facilitate cross-metaverse travel and other experiences.
  • The collection’s sale runs from May 9-13 at a floor price of 0.1 ETH.

Cross-chain Web3 platform MetaMetaVerse has announced the launch of 5,000 MetaShip non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to facilitate cross-metaverse movement and other experiences. The collection runs from May 9-13 and collectors can buy NFTs from a starting floor price of 0.1 ETH.

Each MetaShip has unique traits and properties, thus granting access to unique opportunities in the MetaMetaverse world. The MetaShip is a unique space vehicle that allows users to travel to different metaverse worlds within the MetaMetaverse ecosystem. 

Owners of the NFTs will also be granted priority access to future NFT drops, alongside other products, like the ability to buy a metaverse in the coming months.

MetaMetaverse is built on the secure Ethereum blockchain. However, it can be upgraded to enable cross-chain movement including Layer 2 scaling platforms like Polygon. 

The collection is composed of four tiers of warships, all distinguished by their unique characteristics like colours, class type, and firepower.

The common blue and grey MetaShips account for 50% of the supply, while the uncommon green, yellow, and red MetaShips represent 45% of the collection. The rare black and silver MetaShips form 4.54% of 5,000, whereas the ultra-rare gold, account for just 0.55%.

Commenting on the NFT collection launch, MetaMetaverse CEO and Founder Joel Dietz said: “MetaMetaverse is the first step to building a spacefaring civilization. The MetaShips are your ticket to getting there. We are happy to see many people signing up and getting their ships.”

MetaShips can be upgraded from one tier to another, which improves speed and combat ability. Besides serving as transport systems across several metaverses, the MetaShips are also used as passports for a new virtual society.

Users can gain access to various governance features consistent with modern space civilization.

In the future, the MetaShips could be used to buy virtual land in the metaverse whilst also providing whitelist access to new blockchain games within the MetaMetaverse world.

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