The Sandbox to Dicuss its 2022 Roadmap for LAND Owners in a Discord AMA

On May 20, users can join The Sandbox’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the platform’s Discord server to ask questions about the 2022 roadmap for LAND owners.
Image source: The Sandbox

Quick take:

  • The Sandbox will reveal more about the 2022 roadmap for LAND owners in the AMA.
  • It will also airdrop SAND tokens to LAND owners.
  • LAND owners can expect increased rewards and extra raffle tickets.

The Sandbox today announced that it will be discussing its LAND owner roadmap in a Discord AMA (ask me anything) on May 20, 3pm UTC. 

Topics to be discussed include the SAND airdrop to all LAND owners, and the game’s claim, stake, buy, play, build, migrate, and meet functions.

In a breakdown by topic, The Sandbox revealed that 5 million SAND tokens will be airdropped to LAND owners this month, while users can claim an undisclosed amount of SAND in September to celebrate the metaverse platform’s 1000th day based on LAND holding time.

Starting this month, LAND owners can also stake mSAND on the Polygon mainnet to earn more SAND at an APR of 21.56% or MATIC at an APR of 38.60%, according to a screenshot. 

In June, The Sandbox will announce new LAND partners as well as a new LAND sale system with raffle and KYC in September. There will also be an upcoming LAND sale in Q3 2022 scheduled with its existing partners Ubisoft, Paris Hilton, Warner Music, Gucci and Adidas. 

When playing in The Sandbox, LAND owners can also enjoy additional perks such as increased rewards, extra raffle tickets and a special raffle for LAND owners only. In Q3, LAND owners will be able to create estates with their LAND and in Q4, publish experiences on LAND and ESTATEs as well as rent them out. 

This month, The Sandbox will also unveil its Game Maker v0.7 roadmap including concert and multiplayer components as well as Character, Controls, Camera (3C) actions such as swim, crouch, crawl, and others. The Game Maker allows users with no coding experience to craft their own game using the platform’s toolbox for free.

The Sandbox will reward LAND owners who migrate their SAND tokens to the Polygon mainnet in June. A cashback of 10 $SAND per LAND migrated can be claimed on Polygon for a total of over 1M $SAND allocated toward this milestone.

The metaverse platform will also be making an appearance at the NFT NYC event on Jun 20 where it will meet its users. In Q4, The Sandbox will organise and finance local meetups in different cities.

Last month was an eventful one for The Sandbox as it signed multiple partnerships including one with American heavy metal band, Slipknot.

According to a report published by Bloomberg in April, the metaverse platform is reportedly planning a $400 million raise at a valuation of $4 billion.

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