Hyundai Unveils NFT Membership for Holders of the IONIQ 6 NFT Collection

The IONIQ Citizenship is a membership program that provides NFT holders with exclusive perks.
Image source: Hyundai

Quick take:

  • The IONIQ 6 NFT collection was designed for millennial and Gen Z consumers. 
  • Holders of the NFT collection can now access digital content and physical items via a membership program.
  • IONIQ 6 experiences will be expanded through various partnerships online and offline.

Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled the roadmap of its membership program called IONIQ Citizenship, a utility package for holders of the IONIQ 6 NFT Collection.

The IONIQ 6 NFT Collection was revealed on Jul 14, the same day as the world premiere of the new IONIQ 6 electric vehicle. The NFT collection is Hyundai’s second one, designed to appeal to millennial and Gen Z consumers. 

The IONIQ Citizenship provides the NFT owners with exclusive experiences and utilities that vary by rarity, such as access to digital spaces, special digital content and physical items related to IONIQ 6.

In particular, the IONIQ 6 experiences will be expanded through various partnerships online and offline, starting with digital wearable giveaways and exclusive VIP access on ‘Planet Hyundai,’ Hyundai Motor’s virtual space that opened on the Korean virtual reality platform, ZEPETO, in collaboration with Naver Z.

Owners of the NFT collection can also stand a chance to redeem a gift card for a physical custom phone case from NFTYC (NFT Your Case). NFTYC is a phone case manufacturer powered by Casetify that allows users to connect their wallets and then choose the NFT art that they want to be printed on the case.

Gradually, Hyundai will create an interactive virtual space where an exclusive event for NFT holders, ‘IONIQ Digital Garage’, will be held. 

The IONIQ 6 collection consists of 5,000 NFTs in six themes: Fun Driving, Stress-Free Driving, Work, Socializing, Healing and Entertainment. Each of the NFT art carries unique traits that are randomly generated, combining various backgrounds, exterior colours and objects.

To lower the barrier of entry to the world of Web3, the NFTs were airdropped to consumers for free so that they could participate in the experiences offered by the membership program.

“Hyundai Motor has continuously explored new methods to connect and involve our customers. The IONIQ 6 NFT Collection is a meaningful endeavor to expand the boundary of NFTs from simple investment and possession to experiences and storytelling,” said Thomas Schemera, EVP, Global CMO and Head of Customer Experience Division, Hyundai Motor Company. “We hope to increase the connection with customers and interact in a more innovative way, based on the unique value of the IONIQ lineup. We will continue to provide ‘phygital (physical + digital)’ experiences that merge the real world and the digital world for the new generation of customers who are more accustomed to digital technology.”

Hyundai and its subsidiary have been taking steps into the NFT space. Its credit card company, Hyundai Card, first launched an NFT program in March as part of its digital expansion strategy. 

Last week, Hyundai filed six new trademark applications for its Genesis crest to expand its Web3 efforts.

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