Gucci Builds A Permanent Presence on Roblox with Gucci Town

Gucci Town is the fashion house’s second virtual space on Roblox and its fifth collaboration with the online gaming platform.
Image source: The Verge

Quick take:

  • Gucci Town features a piazza that connects different areas.
  • There’s a space for mini-games, a cafe, and a virtual store.
  • There’s also an exhibition space inspired by Gucci Vault.

Gucci has unveiled its latest virtual space, named Gucci Town, on Roblox. Unlike its previous metaverse space, Gucci Garden, which was also on Roblox for two weeks last year, Gucci Town will have a permanent presence on the online gaming platform.

Gucci Town is an extension of creative director Alessandro Michele’s vision of the brand in the virtual world, and features a piazza that connects different areas. 

Players can walk from the central piazza to Mini Game Heights, where they can compete in Gucci games, such as Tile Takeover or Flashlight Tag, to earn GG Gems, Gucci Town’s in-experience currency. The currency can be used to purchase power-ups or virtual Gucci items.

There is also the Creative Corner, where users can create artworks of their own or discover the works of a visiting artist. 

Users can also visit Vault Plaza, an exhibition space showcasing some of Gucci’s latest collaborations and drops. It’s inspired by Gucci Vault, the experimental online space that houses Gucci’s metaverse and NFT projects along with a curated selection of rare vintage pieces.

The Gucci Shop is a boutique where visitors can purchase digital Gucci garments to style their Roblox avatars. Items include the new archive-inspired Gucci Blondie bags designed by Michele and limited-edition collectibles. The first collection of items in the Gucci Shop will be available until Jun 17, with a new limited Gucci Blondie bag released each week.

The digital fashion items utilises Roblox’s recently launched “Layered Clothing” technology for hyper-realistic 3D apparel that fits any body type by mimicking the way clothing fits and drapes in real life. Christina Wootton, vice president of global partnerships at Roblox, told WWD that “the clothing instantaneously responds to an infinite combination of body parts, movements and virtual worlds on Roblox.”

Speaking to WWD, Nicolas Oudinot, executive vice president, new businesses at Gucci and Gucci Vault CEO, said: “The function of fashion has always been first and foremost symbolic, empowering individuals to express themselves and project their identities. In a digital environment based on users’ co-presence, there’s a wellspring of opportunities for those sharing our mind-set, as aesthetic is crucial for individuals to create their digital persona, reflecting their taste, their ambitions and their visual horizons far beyond the limitation of the physical world.”

After exploring the different parts of Gucci Town, visitors can take a break at the Power-up Place, a cafe for community members to meet and interact with each other. Each space in Gucci Town will be updated regularly with new content in tandem with the fashion house’s journey into the metaverse. 

Gucci Town is the brand’s fifth Roblox experience. It was developed in collaboration with independent creators from the Roblox community such as Rook Vanguard, Bunnexh and Lirn. 

Wootton said that Gucci is the first luxury fashion brand to have a permanent space on Roblox. In February, Gucci purchased land in The Sandbox as Gucci Vault prepares to build its virtual world on the platform.

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