Infinite Arcade and YGG Sea Collaborate to Bring Web3 Gaming to the Masses

Blockchain gaming platform Infinite Arcade and YGG SEA have launched a strategic partnership to onboard half a million South-East Asian gamers to Web3.
Image source: Infinite Arcade

Quick take:

  • Infinite Arcade has teamed up with South-East Asia-based Yield Guild Game to bring Web3 gaming to the masses.
  • The blockchain gaming platform wants to onboard approximately 0.5 million games to Web3.
  • Web3 gaming is expected to reach $100 million in revenue within the next 12 months amid the rapid growth of gaming guilds.

Blockchain gaming platform Infinite Arcade has entered into a strategic partnership with South-East Asia-based Yield Guild Game (YGG SEA) to bring Web3 gaming to the masses. The two companies are targeting half a million gamers from the South-East Asia region amid the rapid growth of yield guild gaming.

YGG SEA is the subsidiary of the Philippines-based Yield Guild Games (YGG), which became popular for buying in-game assets on Axie Infinity and renting them out to players. Since then, Yield Guild gaming, which is driven by scholars has become one of the most popular strategies for onboarding communities to a new blockchain game.

Yield Guild Gaming allows players to gain access to premium gaming tools and features like weapons, skins and characters. Therefore, with most blockchain games requiring users to purchase in-game assets using the ecosystem token in order to begin playing, renting the characters has become a cheaper way of gaining access, albeit at the cost of having to pay royalties to Guild.

YGG SEA operates a global blockchain gaming community making it one of the fastest-growing gaming guilds. It has since launched 10 games and invested in 80 projects. Its partnership with Infinite Arcade will help expand its global gaming community in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, with a target of onboarding 0.5 million games by the summer of 2023.

Şekip Can Gökalp, Founding Contributor of Infinite Arcade, commented: “Everyone at Infinite Arcade is delighted to be working with YGG SEA. We’re really excited to partner and bring Web3 to the masses through fun and easy mobile games. It’s amazing to find someone that is as bullish as we are in this space and we look forward to pioneering with them.”

On the other hand, Dan Wang, Chief Gaming Officer of YGG SEA said the partnership will help his company achieve some key milestones in its investment strategy.

“Infinite Arcade is launching more and more mobile games on their blockchain platform and we believe that scale and variety will lead to sustainable growth and engagement among our gaming community,” Wang added.

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