Grimes Says She Made More From NFTs Than Her Entire Music Career

The Canadian Techno artist said NFTs “got polluted fast with people trying to make as much money as possible.”
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Quick take:

  • Grimes, real name Claire Boucher says she’s sad about the current state of NFTs and crypto.
  • The Canadian singer, songwriter sold $6 million worth of digital art as NFTs in 2021.
  • Last year, Grimes teamed up with Avalanche and web3 platform Op3n to launch a $100 million creator fund.

Grimes claims she made millions selling NFTs on Nifty Gateway. The Canadian singer, songwriter and record producer told Wired in an interview that the $6 million made from selling non-fungible tokens in 2021, was more than the entirety of her music career earnings.

According to Grimes, the crypto and NFT industry “got polluted fast with people trying to make as much money as possible.” This has contributed to the current bear market.

However, although the industry has been bearish for more than 12 months now, the techno artist still hopes to come back at some point.

“I’m sad about what happened to NFTs and crypto because it got polluted fast with people trying to make as much money as possible. But I do want to think about compensating artists, especially digital artists. And I hope when the aggro niche dies down, we can come back,” Grimes told Wired.

Grimes credits her brother Jay Worthy for the success she had selling NFTs whom she collaborated with for her first big NFT project. “He had a real vision, and we wound up doing one of the first big ones. It did actually change my life.”

Although she did seem to step back from the industry after her early success, Grimes continued to make major moves behind the scenes, collaborating with Layer 1 blockchain developer Avalanche and web3 startup Op3n to launch a $100 million creator fund, Culture Catalyst.


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