AWS Teams Up with Fantom Foundation to Advance Blockchain Games Development

The two companies have launched a web3 game development workshop on the Fantom blockchain.
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Quick take:

  • The workshop is geared toward equipping Web3 developers with skills for building decentralized fantasy games on the Fantom blockchain.
  • The program is open to all interested parties, even those who just wish to follow along.
  • The workshop will be hosted on the AWS cloud infrastructure and will consist of four labs initially.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has accelerated its web3 strategy with a partnership with Fantom Foundation. The technology giant’s cloud infrastructure unit has teamed up with the layer 1 blockchain company to launch a developer workshop for those looking to learn how to build immersive web3 games.

The workshop is geared toward equipping web3 developers with skills for building decentralised fantasy games on the Fantom blockchain, according to press material shared with NFTgators on Thursday. The program is open to all interested parties, even those looking to follow along.

The AWS could infrastructure will play host to the workshop, which consists of four labs. There are plans to expand to five labs down the line.

Each lab has multiple steps that will guide learners through the process of developing quality fantasy games on Fantom. Additionally, each step that follows builds on the previous one.

According to the press material, Lab 1 educates participants on how to set up a blockchain wallet on MetaMask and connect to the Fantom testnet. MetaMask is one of the leading providers of crypto wallets, supporting different asset types including NFTs, DeFi and ecosystem tokens.

In Lab 2, participants are equipped with the fundamental skills for creating an engaging game experience, including exploring concepts such as randomness in the blockchain and leveraging Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) to introduce an element of chance in their game.

In Lab 3, participants will have an opportunity to put their newly learned skills to the test by creating a fantasy game. They will also be taught how to create a smart contract that enables players to create playable NFT characters in the game.

In the fourth Lab, users will be equipped with skills for creating a simple user interface (UI). This enables players to play the newly created game hosted on AWS Amplify, which allows users to build full-stack apps for mobile and web.

This announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft’s partnership with Aptos Labs to build the Aptos Assistant, an AI-based auto-responsive guide that leverages the Azure OpenAI Service.

The two cloud services are trying to catch up with Google Cloud, which has already sealed multiple collaborations with blockchain companies, also launching a web3 accelerator.


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