Gamers Have Now Battled More Than One Billion Times on Splinterlands

The popular paly-to-earn card game Splinterlands has now surpassed the billionth battle milestone after topping NFT-based gaming charts for six months in a row.
Image source: Splinterlands

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  • The popular play-to-earn card game Splinterlands has just surpassed the billionth battle milestone.
  • The blockchain gaming platform said Wednesday it exceeded the key milestone on Jan 25, 2022.
  • Splinterlands has topped NFT-based P2E gaming charts over the last six months in a row, according to DappRadar.

Leading play-to-earn (P2E) card game Splinterlands says it has eclipsed the critical one billion battle milestone. The NFT-based blockchain game has also been the most popular game in the non-fungible token P2E games category for the last six months in a row based on the trading volume on DappRadar.

Announcing the milestone achievement on Wednesday, Splinterlands said that gamers had fought more than one billion battles as of Jan. 25, 2022. Splinterlands allows players to earn through playing, fighting battles using their NFT monsters, as well as, buying, selling, renting and trading NFTs.

Commenting on the announcement, Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, CEO & Co-Founder of Splinterlands said “I can’t help but be ecstatic.  This is a historic moment in gaming history and I’m so proud that Splinterlands is trailblazing in play to earn.”

Splinterlands recently launched their latest monster card pack dubbed, “Chaos Legion,” which boosted the insatiable appetite for their growing collection of card packs. The general sale attracted $24 million in volume within 30 minutes, making it the most successful debuts in the P2E card games Splinterlands sold nearly 7 million packs within days of launching.

The success of Splinterlands is credited to the rapid adoption of the P2E gaming concept within the community. 

Players can see which different types of cards exist in the whole game, and have complete ownership that even the creators of the game can not take them away from them. As a result, they can buy, sell, or trade them to fellow players just like in a physical card game.

The game’s consistent high trading volume is backed by its massive user-base of 400,000 gamers and over 4 million daily transactions.

Splinterlands recently partnered with multi-chain bridging protocol Terablock, allowing its gamers to transfer their tokens across several platforms. Gamers can easily swap tokens between networks, allowing them to capitalize on cross-chain opportunities in gaming and DeFi.

Players can compete for a limited reward pool for games’ utility token called Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) whilst also competing for rare NFTs in daily quests and seasonal rewards.

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