WonderHero P2E Game Triumphantly Launches with Ten Major Guilds from Day One

The play-to-earn role-playing game WonderHero launched on Wednesday, becoming the first P2E game to launch with ten guilds from day one.
Image source: WonderHero

Quick take:

  • WonderHero launched on Wednesday with a record ten major guilds from day one.
  • The play-to-earn role-playing game’s huge portfolio of guilds brings 2.5 million USDT of in-game assets.
  • Some of the guilds debuting with the launch include YGGSEA and PGG, which have 3,288 and 1,500 scholars, respectively.

The role-playing game (RPG) WonderHero launched on Wednesday, debuting with ten major guilds. It is the first play-to-earn (P2E) game to launch with that many guilds, making it a triumphant entry into the world of blockchain gaming.

WonderHero is aiming to become the go-to P2E game as the gaming community continues to embrace blockchain gaming. 

Its debut guild portfolio brings with it several members and scholars with YGGSEA and PGG having 3,288 and 1,500 scholars, respectively.

Commenting on the launch, WonderHero CEO & Co-Founder Ethan Ng said the massive launch spells the beginning of the guild versus guild gaming (GvG) era, “with WonderHero spearheading this frontier to transform the gaming industry, players’ gaming passion is now their greatest asset.”

The RPG game has raised nearly $2 million to date in funding rounds. It also holds an all-time high total value locked (TVL) of $4.1 million on its staking platform. 

WonderHero also has a built-in NFT marketplace allowing creators and gamers to trade in-game items. It recently sold 2,400 NFTs, yielding 120,000 USDT in proceeds over a two-week period. 

Moreover, the team behind the blockchain game offered 5,000 boxes on the Binance NFT platform, which sold out within 30 seconds.

WonderHero sees the rapid sell-out of its NFTs as a confirmation that people are interested in its P2E offering. Its huge portfolio of guilds also gives it global access to the gaming community, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Brazil, as detailed below.

  • YGGSEA: Based in Southeast Asia, it has over 39,000 Discord members and 3,288 scholars.
  • PGG: Has a global audience that includes 89,500 members and 1,500 scholars.
  • Merit Circle: Has 30,000 Discord members worldwide and 2,750 scholars.
  • Good Games Guild: The audience is drawn from Indonesia and the Philippines and has 32,000 Discord members and 500 scholars.
  • Traction: This Brazilian-based guild has amassed 3,000 scholars.
  • Metapac is based in Malaysia and has 215 Discord members and 1,250 scholars.
  • TavernDAO (Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines):, Over 45,300 Discord members, 200 scholars
  • Others include Quadhorn guild and BreederDAO, both from the Philippines.

WonderHero is also looking to expand its addressable market by bringing traditional gamers to the blockchain and crypto market.

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