Colizeum Revamps P2E Ecosystem with $8.4M Raise as DOTA Legend Wusheng Joins

Leading mobile gaming P2E ecosystem Colizeum has completed an $8.4 million funding round from leading GameFi investors, also adding DOTA legend Wusheng to the team.
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  • Colizeum has completed an $8.4 million funding round from leading GameFi investors.
  • The P2E mobile gaming software development kit (SDK) solution also welcomed DOTA legend Wusheng (Sheng Wu) to the team.
  • Colizeum allows developers to easily convert their mobile games to P2E regardless of their blockchain expertise.

Leading mobile gaming P2E integration ecosystem Colizeum announced the successful completion of an $8.4 million funding round on Wednesday. The software development kit (SDK) solution also said DOTA legend Wusheng (Sheng Wu) was joining the team.

The fundraising attracted some of the leading GameFi investors, including Deribit, SevenX Ventures, Axia8, LD Capital, and Genblock Capital who led the round.

TPS Capital, Momentum6 (Lumen Capital Group), DWeb3, X21, Profluent Ventures, Good Games Guild (GGG), CRT Capital, Au21 Capital, Pluto Digital, Basics Capital, and, also participated.

Colizeum was also delighted to be welcoming one of the most popular figures in the gaming world to the team. 

Sheng Wu, popularly known as Wusheng is one of the world’s most-awarded DOTA players, who now brings vast experience from the gaming world to Colizeum.

Colizeum offers developers a frictionless ecosystem to offer tokenized game modes and play-to-earn mechanics regardless of their expertise in blockchain technology. The platform also allows game makers to combine their existing monetization models with P2E models, converting the game to a blockchain gaming P2E model.

As an SDK, Colizeum allows developers to monetize their games while scaling to Tier-3 markets. 

It also allows game owners to bypass the highly-expensive monetization model offered by app stores whilst also tapping into modern gaming communities that have embraced the P2E model.

Colizeum stresses that it is not a replacement for mobile app stores, but rather, an ecosystem that integrates more dimensions to game monetization with existing in-game models.

Besides P2E, Colizeum also allows developers to monetize using tournaments, staking the ZEUM token, prediction markets, as well as, NFTs to be added in future updates.

Davis Ziedins, Colizeum Co-founder said the company’s mission is to build a set of tools that game developers can use to broaden in-game monetization tools.

“We’re proud to serve the growing game development community and to offer a set of tools which will help developers to focus on what they know the best – building great games!” he said.

Michael Swan, Managing Director at Tokenomik added, “[we view] Colizeum as an excellent proxy exposure to the vast NFT/play-to-earn gaming multiverse segment, which continues to expand exponentially.”

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