Aptos Joins Alibaba Cloud’s Innovation Accelerator Program to Advance Web3 in APAC

Aptos will become Alibaba Cloud’s leading blockchain sponsor for all Web3-related projects enrolled in its Singapore Innovation Accelerator program.
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Quick take: 

  • Aptos Foundation has announced a partnership with Alibaba Cloud to accelerate Web3 talent and accessibility in the APAC region.
  • As part of the partnership, the two companies will launch the first co-branded Move developer community in Asia.
  • Aptos will join Alibaba Cloud’s Innovation Accelerator program as a financier and provider of builder resources.

Aptos Foundation has teamed up with Alibaba Cloud to accelerate Web3 talent and accessibility in the Asia Pacific region. The layer-1 blockchain provider will join Alibaba Cloud’s Singapore Innovation Accelerator program as the main blockchain sponsor.

According to the announcement, the two companies will collaborate to launch the first co-branded Move developer community in Asia. Move is a programming language developed to evolve, improve performance, and strengthen web3 safeguards. 

The language has gained significant traction in Asia with multiple developers organising hackathons, workshops, and other events across Asia. Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud will also team up on a series of hackathons and regional events as they look to bolster the Asia-Pacific Web3 community.

Aptos Foundation is looking to tap into Alibaba Cloud’s highly scalable, efficient and secure cloud infrastructure to boost the growth of the Aptos ecosystem. The company will also offer guidance on technology integration and expert advice to standout Aptos-based projects in addition to funding.

Commenting on the announcement, Bashar Lazaar, Head of Ecosystem & Grants at Aptos Foundation said: “As Aptos Foundation focuses on accelerating mass adoption throughout the APAC region, we look forward to partnering with Alibaba Cloud as a next step. We’re eager to see and support game-changing ideas from tomorrow’s leading developers.”

Alibaba Cloud has been at the forefront of accelerating Web3 Adoption in Asia. In April 2023, the company teamed up with Avalanche to enable businesses to launch, customise and maintain their own metaverse spaces on the Avalanche blockchain.

In June, the company also announced a partnership with NEAR Foundation, enabling NEAR Protocol developers to build using Alibaba Cloud’s plug-and-play cloud infrastructure.

Aptos has been eyeing partnerships with some of the biggest technology companies as part of its strategy to onboard the masses onto Web3. In August, the company teamed up with Microsoft to build the Aptos Assistant using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

Earlier this month, Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom said it will use Aptos Blockchain to build a crypto wallet that can hold virtual assets, NFTs and digital IDs.


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