NORDEK Launches $10M Grant Program to Revolutionise Web3 Payments

The NORDEK Finnovate program will support the most promising projects in Web3 payments through Funding, Mentorship, and Network Expansion.
Image source: NORDEK via Newsfile

Quick take:

  • NORDEK has launched the NORDEK Finnovate grant program.
  • The program includes $10 funding to back the most promising projects in Web3.
  • Projects will also receive mentorship and networking opportunities.

NORDEK has announced the launch of its $10 million NORDEK Finnovate grant program. The program targets the most promising projects in Web3 payments. According to Mr. Nawal Kishor, MD and Co-founder of NORDEK, NORDEK Finnovate is more than a grant program anchored on three pillars.

There is strategic funding for both early-stage funding to nurture innovative ideas and substantial grants for more developed projects.

The program also provides expert mentorship to participants giving them a wealth of knowledge and experience as they navigate the early stages of their project life. Teams participate in one-on-one sessions with industry leaders in fintech, banking, and blockchain technology, gaining invaluable insights and guidance.

In addition, being part of the program grants projects access to an extensive network of industry experts, potential partners, and investors opening the doors for unparalleled opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.

The program’s ultimate goal is to create an inclusive and innovative financial ecosystem in the Web3 payments industry.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Nawal Kishor highlighted the $10 million grant from NORDEK as a transformative opportunity for developers within the blockchain ecosystem.

“This substantial funding pool serves as a catalyst, providing crucial financial support for ideation, experimentation, and execution of innovative projects on the NORDEK chain. Moreover, the grant goes beyond monetary assistance, offering mentorship, guidance, and networking opportunities.”

According to Kishor, this company’s unique approach to supporting Web3 startups will assist developers in “refining their ideas, connecting with industry leaders, and gaining insights that can steer their projects towards success.”

The grant program is for projects building on the NORDEK blockchain ecosystem. The company’s dynamic blockchain and technology stack already hosts a range of financial products including B2B Fintech Solutions like Rover Finance and TapPay to B2C solutions like Norpay and Plutopad.

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