Web3 Indie Game Developer Platform The Mirror Closes $2.3M Pre-Seed Round

The web3 game developer platform wants to make it simpler for indie studios and individual creators to build blockchain games.
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Quick take:

  • The Mirror has announced a $2.3 million pre-seed round led by Founders Fund.
  • The fundraising also attracted participation from Konvoy Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Florida Funders and Palm Tree Crew.
  • The company wants to make it easier for independent studios and individual creators to build on web3.

The Mirror has completed a $2.3 million pre-seed round led by Founders Fund. The round also attracted participation from leading venture capital firms and web3 investors including Konvoy Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Florida Funders and Palm Tree Crew.

The Mirror is creating a web3 games developer platform for independent game developers. The company wants to make it easier for indie game studios and individual creators to build on web3.

Web3 is a blockchain-based internet that prioritises decentralised applications, trustless communications and user-owned communities. 

The technology is widely used to power the next generation of gaming through tokenomics and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — cryptographic digital files build on the blockchain to provide proof of ownership of digital assets like JPEGs, digital collectibles, artwork, or virtual avatars in gaming.

The Mirror wants to tap into web3 technology to provide a gaming ecosystem that empowers individual developers and standalone studios. The platform also offers a marketplace where users can monetise their content including 3D models (avatars, structures, weapons etc), textures, and scripts, among others.

Although The Mirror is yet to finalise its pricing model, users will net a percentage of the sales generated from their work. The Mirror founder, CEO and CTO, Jared McCluskey told GamesBeat in a statement: “We are passionate about empowering creators and strongly believe in fairly compensating them for their hard work and dedication to the craft of game development.”

The platform offers a variety of developer modes and easy-to-use tools ranging from no-code to advanced features. Some of the features in The Mirror’s tool kit include multiplayer networking, real-time collaboration, a physics sandbox, and a support system for user-generated content.

The company’s open-source gaming infrastructure platform is built on the Godot game engine. It is developed with interoperability in mind, allowing users to use their in-game assets in different games within the platform.

Josh Chapman, managing partner at Konvoy Ventures lauded Godot’s open-source gaming engine as one of the most underrated in the gaming industry.

“When we heard [McCluskey]’s pitch for building a virtual world platform on top of Godot, we were incredibly excited to invest in The Mirror to see them pursue a multi-billion dollar opportunity that could be leveraged by hundreds of millions of gamers and creators,” he said. 

Like the world-leading Unreal Engine by Epic Games, Godot offers photorealistic 2D and 3D graphics, enabling developers to build characters and structures that are almost indistinguishable from their real-world assets.

Founded in 2015 by McCluskey, The Mirror has already grown to a team of 15 engineers and closed both alpha and beta tests.


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