Baobab Studios Pivots to Web3 Gaming with Momoguro NFT Game

The animation and storytelling studio’s first web3 game will be built on the Layer 2 blockchain platform, Immutable X.
Image source: Baobab/VentureBeat

Quick take:

  • Baobab Studios has announced a digital collectible game Momoguro.
  • The animation and storytelling studio is making its first foray into blockchain gaming.
  • The game is built on the Immutable X blockchain, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling protocol.

Baobab has announced Momoguro, a digital collectible game built on web3. The new NFT game is the animation and storytelling studio’s first foray into web3. Web3 is a blockchain-based internet that prioritises decentralised applications, trustless communications and user-owned communities.

Baobab is working with the Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution Immutable X. Momogura is designed by project creators Nico Casavecchia and Martin Allais as part of Baobab’s commitment to empowering the world with inspiration and innovation through storytelling.

Speaking in an interview with GamesBeat, Maureen Fan, CEO of Baobab Studios said web3 presents another medium for the company to inspire people to dream and bring out their sense of wonder and show them that they matter.

“And that last sentence, which is make you matter, is what I feel differentiates us from other animation studios out there because we want you the audience to be part of the experience, whether it’s a character or if it just means you’re the community. You actually get to influence what happens and how we build that story. So Web3 was natural for us to be a part of because it really helps with that mission and allowing the community to be on the ground floor,” added Fan.

Whilst the Momoguro joins Baobab’s growing franchise, it will be offered as a standalone universe with a completely new storyline and characters. The product will be offered as a playable metaverse game, as well as, TV/film, books and more, Fan said.

The game is based on the fantastical world of Momoguro, where players will collect creatures called Momos with different powers. Players can also for superpowerful creatures called Momobeasts by fusing the collectibles of different creatures. 

“I personally am excited about the endless combinations that I can create. Because you have these Momos that have different abilities. And so you’re discovering them in the world. And you get to decide which Momos you want to use,” Fan said.

The gameplay allows players to go on quests and unlock clues to discover forgotten secrets that can be used to unite the creatures and help them defend Momoguro from forces seeking to divide it.

Baobab is led by a core of film gaming vets including Fan, who previously worked at social gaming platform Zynga, Eric Darnell the creator of Ants and the Madagascar film series, and Larry Cutler formerly of Pixar.


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