Web3 Developer Platform thirdweb Partners with Coinbase to Launch GamingKit

GamingKit provides Web3 game developers with the tools to speed up development and reduce blockchain friction.
Image source: thirdweb

Quick take:

  • thirdweb’s GamingKit provides developers with tools to improve the gaming user experience for players.
  • Coinbase’s payment infrastructure will make it simple for game developers to accept credit card payments for crypto assets.
  • thirdweb aims to cover the full Web3 development stack by partnering with Coinbase.

Web3 developer platform, thirdweb, is launching a GamingKit specifically for Web3 game developers, in partnership with Coinbase.

With this partnership, thirdweb aims to cover the full Web3 development stack. The company believes that Web3 gaming will achieve widespread adoption when games are released which are equal in quality to traditional games. 

Thirdweb claims that GamingKit will accelerate the development of Web3 gaming by handling blockchain complexity so that game studios can focus on building a great playing experience.

The platform’s partnership with Coinbase aims to provide developers with tools which will significantly improve the user experience for players. For instance, GamingKit will include Coinbase’s payment infrastructure, which will make it easier for game developers to accept credit card payments for crypto assets, thereby reducing the friction caused by blockchain infrastructure.

“Our mission is to break down barriers to Web3 gaming by building a development kit that provides developers and players with the tools to unlock its incredible potential. By partnering with Coinbase, we’re able to build a more seamless user experience so accessible and more inclusive games can be made,” said Jake Loo, CTO at thirdweb.

Thirdweb believes that Web3 is the future of gaming due to the interoperability of blockchain games

“Traditional online games exist on centralized servers — meaning that in-game assets are locked into servers which don’t communicate with each other. On the other hand, web3 games exist on blockchains — which act as the same backend framework across all games built on them,” Loo told NFTgators in an email. “As a result, game assets represented by NFTs can be designed to be interoperable across different environments across the same blockchain. Gaming universes can expand to be far greater and creatively ambitious than traditional games because of the interoperability of Web3 game assets.”

The company hopes to accelerate the growth of the space by equipping game developers with the tools to build blockchain games that will onboard more users to Web3.

Founded in 2020 by Bebo co-founder Furqan Rydhan and entrepreneur Steven Bartlett, thirdweb provides creators and developers with the tools to build Web3 apps, with products including SDKs, prebuilt and audited smart contracts, decentralised logins for apps and more.

The company raised $24 million in Series A funding in August and its products are currently available on Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, and Solana.

In just 12 months, thirdweb has grown to over 50,000 monthly active developers using the company’s tools and nearly 5,000 active developers making over 500,000 blockchain transactions a month. Over 200,000 smart contracts have been deployed across eight different blockchains.


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