Warner Bros Discovery Sports Jumps on the Metaverse Train with Infinite Reality

Warner Bros Discovery Sports and Infinite Reality have announced a multi-year partnership to build experiential sports venues in the metaverse.
Image source: WBD/Advanced Television

Quick take:

  • Warner Bros Discovery Sports has launched a metaverse experience with Infinite Reality.
  • The metaverse hub will allow users to interact with their favourite sports.
  • Sports communities, athletes and brands will be able to interact in virtual environments constructed around upcoming Discovery Sports Events properties.

Warner Bros Discovery Sports (WBD) has announced a multi-year partnership with Infinite Reality to create virtual sports venues in the metaverse. The US mass media company is extending its metaverse strategy in a bid to onboard more users on web3.

The metaverse is described as a 3D virtual space that allows users to interact through gaming, virtual events and other experiential activities. WBD wants to leverage Infinite Reality’s metaverse technology to create virtual hubs where users will be able to interact with their favourite sports.

According to the announcement, sports communities, athletes and brands will be able to interact in virtual environments constructed around upcoming Discovery Sports Events properties.

Brands have jumped on the metaverse train in a bid to broaden their relationships with fans into digital environments. 

This is not Warner Bros’ first foray into web3 and the metaverse. Last week, the company teamed up with web3 studio Eluvio to bring “The Lord of the Rings” Films to the metaverse.

Warner Bros has been in on an ongoing partnership with NFT marketplace Niftys. In June, the global media conglomerate announced its 3rd NFT collection inspired by the popular TV and comic book series Looney Tunes.

However, this will be the company’s first major foray into virtual sports venues as it seeks to onboard sports fans onto web3, a next-gen version of the internet that leverages artificial intelligence, blockchain and decentralised apps to democratise the web through community-based ownership.

Commenting on the partnership, François Ribeiro, Head of Discovery Sports Events, said: “Warner Bros Discovery Sports’ partnership with Infinite Reality outlines how we plan to embrace the latest innovations and opportunities to deepen the connections between our audiences, owned series and brand partners to discover possibilities for new growth areas around different sports properties.”

According to Ribeiro, this partnership gives WBD an opportunity to explore new ways of engaging with sports fans around the world. The metaverse venues will allow the company to extend its experiences beyond live entertainment and into new emerging platforms where fans are spending a lot of their time.

John Acunto, CEO of Infinite Reality commented: “Infinite Reality is thrilled to partner with and provide the metaverse power for such a dynamic, world-class company. This is just the beginning of connecting amazing content with their audiences in unique and immersive ways. We can’t wait to see the fans’ excitement while engaging with UCI Track Champions League and bringing them closer to the sport they love in a totally new and revolutionary way.”

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