Warner Bros to Launch Story-Driven Looney Tunes NFT Collection

Warner Bros is releasing its third NFT collection centred around Looney Tunes.
Image source: Warner Bros

Quick take:

  • Tweety bird will be the first Looney Tunes character to be featured.
  • The NFT will be dropping this summer.
  • The project will give real-world rewards to NFT owners.

Warner Bros announced on Thursday that it’s once again collaborating with Niftys for yet another NFT collection, featuring characters from Looney Tunes. The project, named “Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?” will be used to create a new narrative for the Looney Tunes franchise, with the story to be revealed through NFTs.

The NFT drop will kick off with Tweety as he celebrates his 80th birthday this year. He will be the first character to be featured, and others including Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian will follow.

Warner Bros is hoping to engage buyers with a new storyline specially crafted for this collection. NFT owners will be able to “participate in fun activities and games as the story unfolds, both digital and ‘in real life,’ while earning rewards and benefits along the way.”

Perks for NFT buyers include access to Looney Tunes merchandise, virtual meet and greets, never-before-been-seen content, and new NFT drops. 

“We think that blockchain and NFTs and web3 in general is going to be a great evolution in entertainment,” Josh Hackbarth, head of NFT commercial development for Warner Bros told The Hollywood Reporter. “It doesn’t need to be really deep, deep storytelling; it is about gags and gimmicks and really recognizable characters, so it was a fun one to dig into.”

Minted on the Palm blockchain, the NFT collection will consist of avatars featuring Looney Tunes characters that buyers can use as their profile pictures on social media platforms. Pre-sale for the Looney Tunes NFT collection begins June 20, and the public sale will start the following day. 

Looney Tunes is the third Warner Bros IP to get an NFT treatment. It’s also Warner Bros’ third collaboration with Niftys. The film production company released Space Jam: A New Legacy and The Matrix NFT collections last year. 

Despite the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding the crypto and NFT space in recent months, household names and celebrities have been launching NFTs, proving that they see it as a promising avenue to explore new income streams and connect with their fans.

For collectors, minting an NFT gives fans membership in a community where they can interact with others, and experience their fandom in new ways. 

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Niftys CEO Jeff Marsilio said: “When you mint an NFT, you mint a community,” Marsilio adds. “The key to value in the NFT space comes from this idea of community … A community where not only are you being social, but you are getting new opportunities to experience the IP that you love, and you are being rewarded for that participation.”

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