Polygon Extends Cross-Chain Interoperability With Axelar Partnership

Polygon has teamed up with Axelar Network to bring interoperable blockchains to its supernets.
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Quick take:

  • Polygon is expanding its cross-chain support with Axelar Network.
  • The Layer 2 scaling protocol is building an interoperable internet of blockchains on Ethereum.
  • Axelar is a proof-of-stake blockchain that facilitates secure cross-chain communication in web3 ecosystems.

Polygon is expanding its ecosystem of interoperable blockchains. The Layer 2 scaling protocol has collaborated with Axelar Networks to bring cross-chain interoperability to its supernets.

Axelar Network is a proof-of-stake blockchain that offers secure cross-chain communication in web3 ecosystems. This partnership makes it one of the earliest adopters of Polygon supernets and will serve as the core infrastructure for the interoperable internet of ethereum virtual machine (EVM)-based blockchains powered by Polygon Edge.

The integration will allow each supernet to transfer assets to-and-fro other supernets and any connected blockchain. 

Cross-chain interoperability is seen as an essential development in web3 in order to onboard masses through blockchain-based communities like games, metaverse worlds and NFT marketplaces.

The industry has already witnessed a significant shift towards interoperability with the world’s leading NFT marketplace OpenSea already adding support to several blockchains including Avalanche, Arbitrum, Solana, and Ethereum, among others.

According to Parth Pathak, General Manager of Supernets at Polygon, Axelar’s cross-chain infrastructure will enable developers to build cross-chain dApps on Polygon Edge boosting liquidity and functionality across web3.

“This enables complex operations — for example, cross-chain borrow-lend, using NFTs as collateral. Polygon Supernets is creating the world’s leading interconnected Web3 ecosystem through multichain mass adoption via one-click experiences, for users across gaming, enterprise, NFTs & DeFi,” said Pathak.

In an exclusive comment to NFTgators, Galen Moore, Axelar’s Content Lead said: “Secure cross-chain communication is critical to user adoption in blockchain gaming and the metaverse. Users attracted by compelling gameplay and friend groups can’t be asked to log into a third-party dex or bridge and swap or mint tokens.”

 Integrating Axelar’s General Message Passing protocol with Polygon supernets enables one-click onboarding of experiences that provide access to gas tokens and in-game crypto, thus boosting the onboarding of new users, added Moore.

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