Upland Announces the “Share and Build” Airdrop Series Ahead of Sparklet Token Launch

The airdrop will allow the Upland community and Web3 enthusiasts to earn spark tokens from their engagement with the platform.
Image source: Upland

Quick take:

  • Spark is used by players to acquire digital plots or land and in-game assets within the Upland platform.
  • The upcoming token Sparklet will be tradable on external platforms, thus creating more use cases for the Spark token, which can be bridged to Sparklet.
  • Participants in the upcoming “Share and Build” airdrop will earn points by engaging with Upland, Sparklet, and Spark content on X (Twitter).

Upland, the leading Web3 metaverse platform that allows users to acquire digital plots of land based on real-world locations has announced the “Share and Build” Airdrop Series. The announcement comes ahead of the upcoming Spark to Sparklet bridging event, which will allow Upland users to trade bridge Spark to Sparklet, and vice versa, thus expanding the use cases of the Spark token.

Currently, the Spark token is used to acquire digital plots of land and in-game assets within the platform. The bridging gives users more options through the Sparklet token which will be tradable on external platforms.

Since its launch two years ago, the Spark token has amassed over 130,000 holders. According to Upland, its platform now boasts nearly 300,000 virtual landowners and has interacted with more than 3 million wallets.

The first chapter of the “Share and Build” Airdrop program dubbed, Social Engagement Rewards will see Upland introduce introduce a social media experience for its community and Web3 enthusiasts. During the 3-week campaign, participants will be able to earn points via a multi-level model by engaging with Upland, Sparklet, and Spark content on X (Twitter). The points earned will then be converted to Spark in Upland. 

Users’ earning potential will be determined by the level of engagement their Upland content draws on Twitter.

According to Upland, participants are rewarded with a distinct Block Explorer NFT, serving as a game piece within Upland upon the completion of each forthcoming chapter. “Accumulating five Chapter Block Explorers will grant them a special NFT exclusive to the Upland universe,” the company wrote in a press release shared with NFTgators.

Commenting on the announcement, Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Upland said: “We’re excited to launch the “Share and Build” Airdrop program as we are getting ready for Sparklet. This initiative aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering a thriving Web3 ecosystem and rewarding passionate players.”


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