This Week in NFTs: BendDAO Sees Azuki NFTs ATH and Reddit Collectible Avatars Skyrocket

BendDAO has been making some serious moves in the NFT world, with a whopping 108K ETH in total value locked, and an all-time high of 416 Azuki NFTs in its collateral.

Let’s start with the Ethereum NFT market volume, which has been on a roll lately. We’re seeing a daily volume of $30.6M, and even touched a high of $52.7M since the SVB’s collapse on March 10th, a trend that continues since the launch of $BLUR.

Now, let’s talk about the BendDAO. The BendDAO now holds 108K ETH (~$188M) in total value locked, after seeing the biggest change in TVL in the past 10 months, $37M in a single day.

In terms of Azuki NFTs, the BendDAO is now holding an all-time high with 416 NFTs in its collateral. They’ve had some significant movements in terms of Azuki holdings, with two big deposits on March 13th and March 16th (41 and 17 Azuki NFTs, respectively), as well as two significant withdrawals on March 10th and March 15th (17 Azuki NFTs on both dates).

Now, let’s take a look at BendDAO’s top four biggest holdings in terms of total collection ETH value: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and Cryptopunks. They’re holding 32.6K ETH, 7.1K ETH, 6K ETH, and 6K ETH, respectively. Looks like the BendDAO has some serious collectors in its community!

Finally, let’s talk about Reddit Collectible Avatars. Their market cap has hit an impressive $124M, coming from 10,615,730 collectible avatars held by 7,180,572 holders.


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