Doodles Moving Away From the “Speculative Aspect of NFTs” Into a Media Franchise

Co-founder Jordan Castro “Poopie” says the company is “no longer an NFT project” but “will continue using NFT tech as connective tissue” in its ecosystem.
Image source: Doodles

Quick take:

  • Jordan Castro “Poopie,” says Doodles is no longer an “NFT project”. 
  • The web3 startup’s co-founder said on Thursday the company is rapidly growing into a major media franchise.
  • Doodles will instead focus on empowering its local collectors as it continues to move away from the speculative aspects of NFTs.

Doodles co-founder Jordan Castro “Poopie,” says the web3 startup is no longer an “NFT project” as it transitions into a major media franchise. 

Explaining the company’s change in strategy via a post on the project’s Discord channel, Poopie said the more time, money and resources invested chasing the latest “build in public” trends that fuel speculation, “the less we have to achieve our long-term vision”.

Source: @NFTNow Twitter

“We are not going to spend any resources appeasing those with financial motivation,” he wrote, emphasising that the company has never been about NFT speculation and will never be.

Instead, Doodles will rather focus its energy on its “absolutely loyal collectors”, if it chooses to spend any resources on a specific group of people.

However, some of its community members were not as impressed by the news, with one Twitter user suggesting the co-founder’s phrasing of the announcement could have been more subtle.

“A poopie job o communicating”,  Bryan Brinkman wrote, adding “We are more than an NFT project would be better.”

Another Twitter user Dave Krugman replied: “A WILD way to phrase that tbh, I think the reaction is overblown to what they really meant “we aren’t *just* an NFT project” but really poor way to frame it to an already frustrated community.”

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Meta pulling the plug on NFTs, which explains why the community feels the communication could have been better.

Others felt the Doodles co-founder was being disingenuous in saying the organisation does not want to focus on serving those interested in the financial aspect of NFTs.

Dazzy Rockets posted: “Everyone has financial motivations. Nobody would be on Twitter talking about this stuff if they didn’t have financial motivations. We would all be out in the real world. It’s disingenuous to talk like this.”

However, Poopie reaffirmed Doodles’ commitment to blockchain technology saying the company will continue using “NFT tech as the connective tissue” in its ecosystem. 

The company wants to go beyond the speculative aspects of NFTs by creating products that solve real-world problems, he said.


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