Sui Blockchain Teams Up with Space and Time to Power Web3 Games with ZK Proofs

The partnership will allow developers to enable on-chain transactions for in-game activity.
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  • Sui has announced a partnership with Space and Time to bring zero-knowledge proofs to gaming.
  • The layer-1 blockchain will now offer developers a suite of ZK-proof-based tools.
  • The partnership will allow developers to enable on-chain transactions for in-game activity.

Sui Blockchain is ramping up its Web3 gaming strategy in partnership with Space and Time. The layer-1 blockchain developer on Tuesday announced it is teaming up with the Microsoft-backed platform to bring zero knowledge proofs-based technology to blockchain games.

According to the announcement, the partnership will allow game developers to enable on-chain transactions for in-game activity.

Zero Knowledge Proof is a trustless technology that executes computational commands by relying on the mere fact the statements are true. The protocol does not require specific details about the information to determine that it is true.

This concept makes blockchain transactions quicker and more efficient, making them more applicable to massive projects like blockchain games.

Space and Time is a decentralised data warehouse connecting on-chain and off-chain data sources to deliver enterprise-grade analytics to smart contract applications.

Speaking about the partnership, Space and Time CTO and co-founder Scott Dykstra told Decrypt he expects the new tools to accelerate the development of web3 games on SUI. 

“Those ZK-proven query results can be connected directly to smart contracts on Sui or used to build verifiable dApps or analytics,” he said. “This is especially important for Web3 games, where developers need to be able to join in-game activity with on-chain transactions and mint on-chain rewards based on in-game events. Proof of SQL allows them to do so in a verifiable way.”

The partnership fits well in Sui Network’s Web3 gaming strategy. In September, the company Korean mobile game developer NHN Corp teamed up with Sui Blockchain’s parent organisation Mysten Labs ahead of debuting its first blockchain-based games in 2024.

The casino gaming services provider boasts over 37 million users across mobile, web and desktop platforms, making it a perfect avenue for onboarding masses onto Web3 gaming.


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