Spotify’s Former Head of Music Business Development Joins Roblox as Head of Music Partnerships

New hires in Roblox’s global partnerships team include Spotify‘s former Head of Music Business Development, Karibi Dagogo-Jack, and Meta’s former Head of Emerging Content, Todd Lichten.
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Quick take:

  • The new appointments are part of an expansion of Roblox’s global partnerships team.
  • Dagogo-Jack will oversee and build relationships between Roblox and artists, labels, managers, publishers, and producers.
  • Meta’s former Head of Emerging Content, Todd Lichten, joins Roblox as Head of Entertainment Partnerships.

Roblox has named Spotify‘s former Head of Music Business Development, Karibi Dagogo-Jack, as the New Head of Music Partnerships. He fills the role left vacant by Jonathan Vlassopulos, Roblox’s former Global Head of Music, who left the company in April.

Dagogo-Jack brings with him a decade of experience in the music business. In his new role at Roblox, he will oversee and build relationships between Roblox and artists, labels, managers, publishers, and producers. 

At Spotify, Dagogo-Jack was in charge of partnerships, strategy, operations, and team management for playlists and artist and label services. Prior to that, he worked with major record labels and music companies such as Warner Music Group, where he spent four years as a senior analyst; Universal Music Group, where he handled new media business development; and Interscope Records where he was Head of New Business Development.

In May, Spotify entered the metaverse with the launch of Spotify Island on Roblox.

This new appointment is part of a wider expansion of Roblox’s global partnerships team, which includes two new external hires and three new appointments from within Roblox’s existing team.

Dagogo-Jack joins Todd Lichten, Head of Entertainment Partnerships; Winnie Burke, Head of Fashion & Beauty Partnerships; Hayden Walling, Head of Sports Partnerships; and Arvind Jayaram, Head of Account Management, Partnerships.

Lichten was the former Head of Emerging Content at Meta, and will be responsible for creating strategic relationships with film and TV studios, talent, and digital media brands as head of entertainment partnerships at Roblox.

Previously the Director of Sales at Roblox, Winnie Burke, has been with the platform for over seven years. In her new role as the Head of Fashion & Beauty Partnerships, she helped secure recent fashion brand partnerships with Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Nike, VANS, Tommy Hilfiger and Givenchy Beauty.

Leading Roblox’s sports team is Hayden Walling, who is tasked with bringing leagues, athletes, and sports teams to the platform. She joined Roblox last year and has launched metaverse experiences with the NFL, McLaren Racing, NASCAR and Wimbledon.

Prior to joining Roblox, Walling spent 10 years at Nike, helping the sportswear giant to gamify its products and partnering the Nike/Jordan brands with gaming partners such as 2k, EA, Epic, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox.

Last but not least, the Head of Account Management,  Partnerships, Arvind Jayaram, will lead a team that “provides partners with best practices and tools to bring their IP to the [Roblox] platform”. His team has previously helped partners launch Roblox experiences, such as Gucci Garden, In the Heights, Vans World, Nikeland and NFL Tycoon.

“We’ve seen a lot of success with top brands coming onto the Roblox platform, and our partnership work continues to accelerate as they experiment with new formats, launch persistent social spaces, discover new revenue streams, and push the boundaries of creativity,” said Christina Wootton, VP of Global Partnerships.

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