Rarible Teams Up with Mantle to Launch Mintle NFT Marketplace

This is part of Rarible’s cross-chain expansion, which has supported more than $27 million in NFT transactions across Ethereum, Polygon, Flow and Tezos.
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Quick take:

  • Rarible and Mantle have teamed up to launch the Mintle NFT marketplace.
  • The new platform will be governed by the community by staking Mantle token $MNT.
  • Mantle also announced the Citizens of Mantle NFT collection, which will launch in the coming week.

Rarible and Mantle, the layer-2 blockchain built on Ethereum have teamed up to launch the Mintle NFT marketplace. The secondary NFT marketplace adds Mantle NFTs to Rarible’s growing cross-chain NFT ecosystem.

Rarible has already facilitated more than $27 million in NFT transactions across Ethereum, Polygon, Flow and Tezos.

Mintle is built with the open-source Rarible protocol, which is currently home to over 4,000 applications. The new platform will also leverage Mantle’s DAO-led, high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) modular layer-2 (L2) blockchain, giving traders a fast, easy, and cost-efficient NFT trading experience.

Rarible will be sticking to its principles of championing community governance. So, just like the Rarible Protocol, which is governed by the $RARI token, Mintle will be governed by its community using the Mantle token $MTN. 

Mintle will also continue to empower creators by allowing them to tap into new monetisation channels through enforced royalties. This comes even as most NFT marketplaces take a step back on royalty fee enforcement.

Last month, OpenSea joined the list of platforms that have backtracked their plans to enforce creator royalties on secondary NFT transactions.

Commenting on Rarible’s latest development, Alex Salnikov, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Rarible said: “We’re incredibly excited to support Mantle Network in growing its NFT vertical because it’s another step towards realizing Rarible’s cross-chain vision. It aligns perfectly with our ethos of fostering community-centric marketplaces while pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can offer. Launching the Mintle marketplace is the perfect way to bring Rarible’s marketplace experience to a wider, more engaged audience.”

Mintle’s announcement on September 19 will be shortly followed by the launch of Mantle’s Citizens of Mantle NFT collection in the coming week. According to the press release on Tuesday, the NFT collection will feature dynamic NFTs that evolve “as users achieve milestones within the Mantle Ecosystem through building, connecting, playing, earning, or trading with other users and dApps.”

Sean Lee from NFT Partnership Team at Mantle commented: “Rarible has a strong track record of delivering exciting branded experiences, advanced customization options, and a safe community environment with its community marketplace offering.”

Mantle is looking to bring the same experiences to its DAO-led ecosystem as the two companies “chart the next evolution of on-chain interactivity together.”


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