Rarible Adds Support for Tezos and Polygon NFTs to Its Aggregator Platform

The eco-sensitive NFT platform will pull NFTs listings from Tezos-based NFT marketplaces including Versum, Objkt, fxhash, and Teia.
Image source: Rarible

Quick take:

  • Rarible has integrated Polygon listings from OpenSea into its marketplace aggregator.
  • The platform is also adding support for NFTs from popular Tezos-based marketplaces including Versum, Objkt, fxhash, and Teia.
  • The Tezos integration will see NFT collections from leading artists like XCOPY, Blake Kathryn, Killer Acid, and John Karel listed on the platform.

Rarible is expanding its NFT aggregator marketplace with support for Polygon and Tezos NFTs. Just a week after integrating Polygon listings from OpenSea, the eco-sensitive NFT marketplace is now adding Tezos listings from Versum, Objkt, fxhash, and Teia.

Although Tezos has gained popularity for being the go-to platform for homegrown artists, leading artists, including XCOPY, Blake Kathryn, Killer Acid, and John Karel have also minted their NFT collections on the proof-of-stake blockchain.

Car manufacturer McLaren and the state agency, the California Department of Motor Vehicles also chose Tezos for its status as one of the leading ‘green’ blockchains.

Rarible is a community-focused NFT marketplace, a trait it shares with Tezos. The two platforms have also adopted a unified decision to always respect creator royalties, joining the likes of OpenSea and ImmutableX.

This expansion comes at a time when the NFT market is just beginning to recover from the adverse effects of the crypto winter. NFTgators reached out to Alex Salnikov, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder of Rarible for a comment about the company’s latest initiatives.

“The NFT space is coming to an inflection point and I believe when the market returns it will return stronger than it has in previous years with even more use cases and utility. This is why we’re continuing to push forward and maximize our product offerings like our aggregated marketplace to provide our users with the best NFT buying and selling experience possible,” said Salnikov.

The company has also been ramping up its community marketplace products. It recently added a self-service tool enabling anyone with an Ethereum or Polygon NFT collection to easily create their own custom marketplace.

The company also offers a ‘white glove’ service for all chains supported on Rarible.com enabling brands and collections to apply advanced customisations.

Alexei Falin, Co-founder and CEO of Rarible commented: “By adding support for more chains like Tezos and Polygon, we’re enhancing the marketplace experience for users, giving them access to more listings than ever before through one user-friendly platform. We see aggregation as beneficial for artists and creators as well because it opens the door for their creations to be discovered by new sets of eyes.”


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